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- A company's Vision answers the question "Why", it stays intact and serves as a beacon in the future.

- A company's Mission statement answers the question "What", it may change over time and helps guide you at the present time.

WatchMojo's VISION is "Inform and Entertain Through Video".

This speaks to our origins and expertise as a content creator focused on video with a focus on infotainment programming.

WatchMojo's current MISSION is "Covering the People, Places and Trends That You Care About".

This has evolved over time.

- In 2006 it was "Just Watch"; a double entente that conveyed our focus on video and our startup's desire to prove ourselves to the world.

- In 2009 we met internally and discussed what WatchMojo had evolved into, and the Mission that reflected what we were doing had evolved to "Covering both popular culture topics and socially relevant themes that interest you personally, professionally and socially.  We help individuals and businesses by promoting the people, places and things that capture the essence of success." That's what happens when you try to build consensus across a lot of smart and passionate people.

- But by 2012, our Mission had evolved. What most of our viewers and business partners relied on WatchMojo on were the great, in-depth biographies and profiles of people, things, places, trends and events. As such, we updated our Mission in early 2012 to "Covering the People, Places and Events That You Care About". > Corporate Section > Company Mission and Vision