Why Mojo?
Why Mojo?

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WatchMojo's vision is to Inform and Entertain Through Video.

People oftentimes ask us "why mojo?" or "what does WatchMojo mean?"

Mojo has a double connotation:

- mojo connotes charisma, ambition, charm, luck and an aura that captures the essense of being successful in life.
- mojo stands for mobile journalism, which in of itself has two meanings, as well. Like all successful companies that were built online, we're lean, agile and quick; and we ensure that our content is available to audiences wherever they are: online, in out-of-home, over-the-top connected devices, mobile and tablets.

Like all company missions, how we went about executing on our vision has evolved as the company and industry has changed.

From 2006-2009 we mainly helped viewers become more successful through advice and tips on Lifestyle topics including fashion, health, wellbeing, career, relationships etc.

Then from 2009-onwards, we added a new layer which profiled newsworthy people and things throughout history in a pop culture context, thus Knowledge and Entertainment.

Today we cover the People, Places and Trends that viewers are passionate about.

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