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Top 10 Jutsu In The Naruto Series

They may not be stealthy, by the powers bestowed to each of the shinobi in this anime certainly lent themselves to some amazing battles. With everything from elemental manipulation to summoning giant frogs, these techniques ensured that every fight scene was never boring and allowed for creativity to take centre stage. But which techniques are truly worthy of earning that S rank?

Fair warning, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

#10: “Eight Gates”

Unlocking these can grant non-proficient jutsu users like Guy and Lee the chance to turn their bodies into living weapons. Ones even capable of damaging foes as strong as Madara freakin’ Uchiha!

#9: “Sand Coffin”

Garra’s signature technique entraps his foes before imploding them with so much sand their bodies explode.

#8: “Byakugan”

The eyes of the Hyuga clan grant almost complete awareness, allowing them to identify an opponent’s weak spot instantly.

#7: “Sexy Jutsu”

Naruto can easily transform his body into either a gaggle of sexy women or men, catching any foe off guard before giving them a monumental nosebleed.

#6: “Mangekyo Sharingan”

The Uchiha’s eyes not only allow them to predict and outclass their enemies, but its upgraded version will slowly allow the user to alter reality to their whim.

#5: “Amaterasu”

The primary offensive ability of the Sharingan, which produces a collection of black flames so hot that it burns through everything, even other fire!

#4: “Shadow Clone Jutsu”

Before he had access to near limitless techniques of his own, Naruto’s primary power was this handy move. With a single hand seal, he can summon hundreds of clones to overwhelm a target.

#3: “Susanoo”

When pushed to the limit, a Sharingan user can summon a giant, blazing suit of armor that will deflect all attacks and burn through even the most monstrous of entities.

#2: “Chidori”

A lightning-based technique that Sasuke made all his own. Its extreme adaptability has allowed it to take the form of waves, a sword, and even be infused into his personal Susanoo.

#1: “Rasengan”

Passed down from mentor to student, this spiralling sphere is Naruto’s pride and joy, and through its vortex has managed to lay a serious beatdown on any ninja who has underestimated him in the past.

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