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Top 5 Batman Romances

The Caped Crusader Loves The Ladies…

He may be about vengeance, the night and all that other stuff, but there’s no denying that Batman has had more than his fair share of ladies over the course of his superhero career. Some may have been flings, while others ended up becoming so integral to his happiness that he was even willing to give up his cowl for them, but which five are truly worthy of stealing the heart of the bat?

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#5: Nocturna/Natalie Knight

The more we think about it, the idea of Batman ending up in a romantic relationship with a vampire sounds way too perfect. After all, they both shun the daylight and and are both feared by society. Nocturna was just the kind of kindred spirit that Bruce needed given her inability to stand in the sun as well as having a life stained with sorrow. Alas, the promise of a dark and delightful love life was spoiled due to her murderous ex-partner. Maybe go with an actual bloodsucker next time Bats.

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#4: Julie Madison

The ideal woman for Bruce Wayne, Scott Synder’s epic saga gave glimpses to the life that the billionaire could have had if he gave up the war on crime and chose happiness instead. A competent and loving character, Julie adored Bruce unconditionally, however she still allowed  to return to his mission after rediscovering who he was before losing his memories. Talk about sacrifice.

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#3: Wonder Woman

Across various mediums, these two key members of the Justice League have found themselves becoming closer than most, in spite of being practically polar opposites. The amazon princess who was raised to despise all men, and the rich kid with way too many issues. As unlikely as it seems, these two compliment each other so well that its no wonder so many shows and writers have tried to make them canon!

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#2: Talia Al Ghul

The daughter of one of the detective’s deadliest foes, Bruce and Talia’s relationship has been more than a little rocky. Unable to move away from their goals of defeating/ensuring Ra’s Al Ghul will, the two still can’t help but adore each other, to the point where Talia ended up baring his child aka the future fourth Robin. They might have found true happiness together if they weren’t always getting into battles to the death.

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#1: Catwoman/Selina Kyle

The Bat and the Cat are destined to be together, yet are forever divided by their opposing ideals when it comes to crime. They recently came close to tying the knot, with Catwoman even willing to abandon her thieving ways for the sake of her dark Prince Charming. While things yet again ended in the two parting ways, it can’t be denied that the two of them will forever be intertwined so long as they choose to wear their masks.

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