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Top 3 Suggested Ideas of the Week – Epic DC Battles, Magical Disney Objects & Animated Film Franchises!

The Best of the Suggest

You guys suggested and voted and now it’s time to check out the Top 3 Suggested Ideas of this week! At the end of every week we’ll be picking 3 of the trending voting pages from our suggest tool that got the most action and votes or a page that stood out as creative and interesting. If you want to take part in the fun and maybe…just maybe…have your suggested “Top 10” list become a WatchMojo video, or at least, get some well-deserved praise right here, then make sure to head over to WatchMojo.com and create your MyMojo account! It literally takes 2 minutes and you can create a new account or sign in with an existing Google or Facebook account, so get going if you want to be included in our new weekly segment or at least take part in the voting! Now, let’s get into this week’s standout lists:

#3: Top 10 Epic DC Battles

This “Top 10” encompasses the most memorable and impactful fights in DC history, whether that be from the comics, TV shows or movies. While this leaves us with a vast list of possible entries, leading to some voting ties on picks like Superman vs. Captain Marvel (“Kingdom Come”), Superman vs Doomsday (“The Death of Superman”) and Superman vs General Zod (“Man of Steel”), the consensus on #1 pointed to Batman vs Superman in “The Dark Knight Returns”. This 1986 DC comic book miniseries written by Frank Miller focuses on Bruce Wayne’s return from retirement as Batman and concludes with a wicked battle against Superman. Do you agree? Which DC battle is your favourite? Vote HERE or click on the list down below!

#2: Top 10 Magical Disney Objects

Most of us remember the characters and catchy songs featured in classic and modern Disney movies, but what sets these animated films apart is the magic that encompasses their storylines and tantalizes the audience. The Trident from “The Little Mermaid” made this list, as well as The Enchanted Rose from “Beauty and the Beast”, followed by a three-way tie between the Sorcerer’s Hat in “Fantasia”, Pixie Dust from “Peter Pan” and Fairy Godmother’s Wand in “Cinderella”, with the famous Genie’s Lamp from “Aladdin” coming out on top. Do you think getting 3 wishes is worth the #1 spot? Vote HERE!

#1: Top 10 Animation Film Franchises

To wrap up this week’s suggestions we’ve got a “Top 10” that generated some great discussion and voting amongst MyMojo members and features many of our most cherished animated film franchises released throughout the years. From a successful initial debut, these franchises continued to grow and prosper through a multitude of sequels and spin-offs, with some even releasing new content to this day. “Finding Nemo”, “The Incredibles”, “Shrek”, “Kung Fu Panda” and “How to Train Your Dragon” made a mark on this list, but “Toy Story” walked away triumphant, with a widely admired original film, 2 sequels and a 4th film set to release next year! Vote for your top pick on this list HERE!

Which of these “Top 10” suggestions do you think would make a great WatchMojo video? Vote on the links above to let us know!

If the DC Battles list was your favourite, be sure to check out our new video below on the Top 10 Comic Book Anti-Villains

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