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Top 5 God of War 2018 Moments

There’s Just No Stopping Dad of BOY!

It’s no secret that 2018’s God of War proved itself to be one of the greatest gaming experiences in modern memory. Not only due to its combat and world-building, but also through the reinvention of the character of Kratos, who went from a mass-murdering machine to premium father material. It was a narrative of mythical proportions from beginning to end, more than worthy of the widespread global acclaim it earned. This was further reflected in how it earned itself Game of the Year at the Game Awards last night. Then again, with moments likes these, it’s not that surprising! 

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Kratos introducing himself to his new Norse neighbour

#5: Atreus Kills Modi

Shortly after telling his son that he is a god, Atreus starts turning into a pretty despicable kid. He’s rude to Sindri, he starts fights with anything in his path, and his anger starts taking over his mind. Eventually, Kratos and Atreus find a humiliated and wounded Modi. As if killing his brother Magni wasn’t enough, Modi is stabbed in the neck by Kratos’s son. This was something we weren’t expecting Atreus to do, especially since he has shown some respect towards the gods. Needless to say, we weren’t taking a liking to the boy’s new behavior. Thankfully, Papa Kratos stepped in once they entered HelHeim.  

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#4: Atreus’ Real Name

There were quite a few times where “God of War” tricked us into thinking the adventure was over. Once it was finally at an end, we were given a bit of a surprise; Kratos and Atreus find a mural, showing the Ghost of Sparta and his son, during which Atreus makes an unexpected discovery: (“The giants called me Loki?”). We totally didn’t see this coming. The shocking part in all of this is that Sony Santa Monica had dropped a number of hints alluding to Atreus’s identity, such as his combat skills and a bit of dialogue. We can’t help but feel that “Avengers” reference might have been a hint, too… 

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#3: Meeting the World Serpent

If there was a moment that perfectly defines the new “God of War”, this was it. When we first enter the Lakes of Nine, we are greeted by none other than Jӧrmungandr, also known as “the World Serpent”. The size of the serpent practically symbolizes how big of a game “God of War” is, and that your journey is going to be a long one. You also have to appreciate the amazing detail in his design and animation. However, for us gamers who are on a tighter budget, he’s practically a walking statement that says, “If only you had 4K visuals and a PS4 Pro”. Damn, this game is gorgeous! 

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#2: Debut Fight with Baldur

It wouldn’t be “God of War” without some gods picking fights with us. So, when we heard a knocking on our door, we came face-to-face with Baldur, or “the Stranger”, as he’s first introduced. Some may find that this fight drags on a bit, but this was “God of War’s” way of showing us just how violent and epic this game will be: very violent and very epic. Plus, this was an awesome way to reintroduce us to the Spartan Rage mechanic! All who oppose shall feel our mighty Spartan Superman fists!! Well…except for Baldur since he can’t feel anything. 

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#1: Retrieving the Blades of Chaos

Be honest, who here started freaking out when Kratos said, (“Then I must return home”?) We ALL knew what Kratos was going to get. The buildup was fantastic too, with a cameo appearance form Athena as Kratos reflects on the path he’s about to return to, all culminating into a return of God of War’s iconic weapons. Watching those blades whip around and slash our foes had never felt more satisfying. The best part? Kratos had those same old moves from the previous games! Before launch some fans were concerned that this game would abandoned what made the original trilogy fun to begin with. It’s safe to say that this moment put a lot of those fears to rest. 

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