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Top 5 Gifts Under 50$ for the Holidays 2018

‘Tis The Season To Save 

The holidays are in full swing and while this time of year is typically associated with feelings of joy and relaxation, our bank accounts would beg to differ…Luckily, we’ve put together a list of unique, fun, inspired and trendy gifts for all types of recipients this Christmas, from the practical to the more adventurous and they just so happen to be under $50! So stop stretching your wallet and start stretching out those Christmas dinner pants. For the full list of 10 gift ideas under $50, check out the video HERE!

5: Bluetooth Headphones

Got a music lover in your life, or maybe somebody who enjoys listening to audiobooks or podcasts on their daily commute via public transportation? Most people already have a pair of earbuds, but as most of us know from experience, corded headphones can be a bit of a hazard. Unless carefully tucked into your clothing, they can easily snag, causing them to pop out of your ears, or worse, get damaged. Thankfully, the price of bluetooth headphones have come down to the point of being relatively affordable. For under $50 you can buy and gift wireless in-ear headphones, models that connect behind the neck with a small cord or over-ear sets.

4: Mini Waffle Maker

Got a foodie or home cook in your life who doesn’t have room in their apartment for all the gadgets they’d like? Alternatively, are you shopping for someone who likes waffles? Which – let’s be honest – is pretty everyone! The Dash Mini Maker costs a measly $10 to $15 and gets rave reviews. Compact and super lightweight, it fits into any kitchen no matter how small, and makes perfect little waffles that are roughly Eggo-sized but far more satisfying in terms of texture. Plus, this gift is almost guaranteed to get you invited over for brunch.

3: Tile

Practical gifts might not be the most fun to give, but we promise you, if you start giving out tiles to your friends and family this holiday season, they and their loved ones will be thanking you for years. You’ll have become a hero of everyday life. Tile is a brilliant little device that connects to your phone via an app to help you keep track of your essential items like your keys, backpack, purse, wallet, luggage and yes, even your phone. Each tile is a bluetooth tracker that attaches onto or slides into the aforementioned items. If your friend loses their phone, the tile can make it ring!

2: Diana Camera

Smartphones cameras do a pretty incredible job these days, but there’s something special and satisfying about holding a physical camera in your hand. And while the Diana Camera comes in at the top end of our budget at $49, the gift you’re giving feels like it’s worth far more than what you spent on it. This unique and retro-looking camera actually dates back to the 1960s, and uses actual film – 120 film to be precise. A reproduction of the classic device, this unique camera offers two image formats and the option to experiment with pinhole photography. For a friend who loves to use vintage-looking filters on their photos, it’s the perfect gift.

1: What Do You Meme?

From the meme-centric instagram account of Elliot Tebele, comes this card game that’s sure to delight internet-savvy recipients. “What Do You Meme?” is a simple game that goes as follows: a player draws a photo card and then all the other players need to choose a caption to pair with it from their hand. The person who drew the photo card picks the best/most hilarious match and the player who submitted that caption wins a point. It’s a party game in the purest sense and is a ton of fun. So this Christmas, why not give a gift of endless laughter? And if your friend’s already got it, we also recommend Exploding Kittens.

Need more affordable gift ideas for that upcoming gift exchange? Check out the video below for our full list of the Top 10 Gifts Under 50$ for the Holidays (2018):

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