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5 More Cartoon Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

In Case Our Top 10 Wasn’t Enough to Scare You Away

A few days ago, we went over our pick of the top 10 disputed moments from cartoons that made fans rage quit in disappointment. These scenes, including Plankton attempting suicide in “SpongeBob SquarePants” and Brian dying in “Family Guy”, were either hated right away, or despised in hindsight for tarnishing a show’s overall quality and leading to its unfortunate demise. You can check out that full list of 10 moments below, but for now, let’s get into 5 BONUS moments that almost made our top 10 and are definitely just as upsetting…

Arthur Punches D.W. – “Arthur”

And I say Hey! What a wonderful kind of day! To punch your younger sister? Nope, that definitely doesn’t sound right…Everyone’s favourite friendly aardvark, Arthur took a turn in season 4’s “Arthur’s Big Hit” when D.W. crashed his model plane and he reacted by punching her to the ground. Most of the criticism surrounding this moment came from Arthur’s entire class/friends siding against him which seems unrealistic for a group of kids with underdeveloped moral compasses. Also, the solution is just Arthur getting punched by Binky, which somehow triggers his remorse and urges him to apologize to D.W. Turns out the main takeaway from that episode was the fist meme…not exactly the message they were hoping to spread.

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Jeff – “Family Guy”

From a show that presents itself as “Sick, twisted and politically incorrect”, a serious episode is unexpected and in this case, unwelcome. Although “Family Guy” has dabbled with serious plot lines like in “Brian & Stewie” and “Dog Gone”, Season 10’s episode “Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q”, which follows Quagmire’s sister Brenda who is struggling through an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Jeff, took it too far. The serious moments came off as insincere, while the few jokes seemed awkwardly placed and problematic. Not to mention the episode’s “solution” revolves around Peter, Joe, and Quagmire attempting to vengefully murder Jeff. It’s hard to think of a punchline to accompany these dark topics.

Misty Leaves – “Pokemon”

As a primary protagonist in the first five seasons of “Pokemon” and standing as an essential character who contributed to Ash’s journey, Misty’s departure from the show was heartbreaking for many fans and definitely caused some to lose interest in further seasons. Misty left on account of her sisters going on an around-the-world trip and therefore needing Misty to take over the Gym while they are away and although this upset a group of original fans, it did also lead to season six, “Pokemon: Advanced” developing on the character of May, as well as her brother Max. May was appreciated by fans due to her dedication to becoming a Top Coordinator and how this journey positioned Ash as her mentor.

Fiona Frizzle – “The Magic School Bus Rides Again”

When Netflix announced the 2017 reboot of the widely beloved animated children’s program “The Magic School Bus”, fans were less than impressed by the flashy and plastic-like, cookie-cutter animation and character designs that failed to meet the standards established by the original. The look of the show was enough to scare away most, with Fiona Frizzle, the original Ms.Frizzle’s younger sister and replacement, suffering from the same underwhelming visuals that even Kate McKinnon’s voice acting couldn’t distract from. The original Frizz still makes an appearance here and there, but even her look lacked the magic fans grew to expect.

Beth and Jerry Get Back Together – “Rick and Morty”

Considering most fans were pleased or at the very least, unbothered, by Beth and Jerry’s divorce at the start of Season 3, given their previously co-dependent, toxic and simply annoying relationship, ending off the season with them back together was enough to drive fans away. Most fans reacted to the reunion as roughly as Rick did, scared this would take us back around the vicious circle that is Beth and Jerry’s dysfunctional marriage. I guess we’ll have to wait until season 4 to see what the future holds for these two, whenever that is.

Which of the animated moments above was enough to make you rage quit? Make sure to check out our complete list of the top 10 unsettling cartoon moments below and let us know in the comments!

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