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Top 5 Movie Crossovers That Were Almost Made

Hey guys! We’ve reached the end of the week which means it’s time to take a look at the best of the suggest! As you may or may not know, we have this amazing little feature right here on called the Suggest Tool, where you can leave your best Top 10 list ideas that you think we should make into a video. Now, since we love to see what our MyMojo users can come up with, we picked 3 interesting ideas left on the Suggest Page this week and are giving them some much-deserved attention right here! We posted the top 3 suggested ideas to our community tab over on YouTube and asked you guys which list was your favourite. Here are the results:

So based on YOUR votes, this week’s Top Suggested Idea is Top 10 Movie crossovers that were almost made. From “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” to “Avengers: Infinity War”, cinematic crossovers have been dominating the movie industry and box office for years, so for this list, we’re going over 5 crossover concepts that were pitched, but didn’t quite make it to the big screen. If you think another film deserves a spot on this list, check out the full suggestion below and leave your vote!

Jaws/National Lampoon

Originally pitched as a third “Jaws” sequel by David Brown and Richard Zanuck, who coproduced the film in 1975, “Jaws 3, People 0” was meant to leave behind the horror genre and instead become a National Lampoon style comedy/parody. Even with Matty Simmons (“Animal House” producer) and John Hughes (“The Breakfast Club”, etc.) on board, Steven Spielberg was not fond of the idea and satirical plot that would follow a film company in their attempt to make “Jaws 3”, while being attacked by a shark, so the project was canceled. But hey, we still got “Jaws 3-D”…

Ash vs Freddy vs Jason

These three villains, from “Evil Dead“, “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th” respectively, have been pinned against each other since the 2007 comic book mini-series “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash”. Considering the box-office success of the first attempt at squaring up these horror icons, “Freddy vs. Jason”, an amped up sequel with the addition of Ash seemed ideal. Unfortunately, the idea of splitting the earnings and creative freedom between multiple rights holders and producers seemed too messy to go forward.

G.I. Joe/Transformers

I wouldn’t be too quick to call quits on this crossover. Given their mashup in the universe created by Marvel’s 4-issue comic book series from 1987, “G.I. Joe and the Transformers”, the characters from these two films could easily co-exist on screen and were supposed to in “G.I. Joe 3”. This movie could have brought new life into both franchises, however the project’s director D.J. Caruso explained to Collider that the studio simply wasn’t ready for these two worlds to meet just yet and finding time in Dwayne Johnson’s schedule is nearly impossible right now. So if you’re interested in this mash-up, it looks like you’ll be playing the waiting game.

The Vega Brothers (Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction)

People wanted it, dead or alive. When Quentin Tarantino first pitched the idea of a crossover between Vincent Vega (John Travolta) from “Pulp Fiction” and Vic Vega/Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) from “Reservoir Dogs” called “The Vega Brothers”, Madsen stated, ” I said ‘Quentin, we’re both dead. We both get killed in those movies’.” Tarantino had a prequel in mind, saying: “I did think about the idea of the Vega brothers, taking place before the movies when like Vin was in Amsterdam and his brother Vic/Mr Blonde comes and visits him, and their adventures.” But, as Travolta and Madsen got older and Tarantino’s “10 movie limit” approached, the possibility dwindled.

MIB 23 (Men in Black/Jump Street)

In 2014, the Sony Pictures hack was at the forefront of entertainment news and brought with it a series of leaked emails that detailed a potential crossover in the works between “Men in Black” and “21 Jump Street”. After a period of uncertainty, the idea has been shut down by both Walter Parkes (MIB producer) and Jonah Hill, who called it “kind of impossible” on account of such a huge sequel going against Jump Street‘s satirical purpose and the match-up simply not being feasible. Nonetheless, there’s still “Men in Black: International” to look forward to this summer.

Is there another movie crossover that didn’t make it to the big screen but should have made this list? Check out the full suggestion HERE to see what everyone voted on!

Before you go, take a look at our original pick of the Top 10 Movie Crossovers. Maybe it’s time to update this list???

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