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Top 5 Things Alita: Battle Angel Did Right

Anime Adaptations Done Right?

Despite getting a lukewarm reception from critics, this cinematic take on
Yukito Kishiro’s acclaimed cyberpunk series has lit a fire under the likes of general audiences everywhere, with some citing it as the best adaptation of a manga property to date. While there’s not exactly a high bar to overcome in that regard, these moments certainly raised up Alita from cash-grab to something special!

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#5: The Villains

In a setting as grim as Iron City, it’s no wonder there are more than a few baddies that caught our attention. Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley and Eiza González all play characters that we loved to hate, but it’s the main antagonists that kept us glued to the edge of our seat through the movie’s runtime. Mahershala Ali shows off some impressive range as both Vector and Nova, and the appearance of Edward Norton as the latter’s true form definitely left us wanting to see how the highly decorated actor can pull off a ruthless villain. 

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#4: IMAX 3D

When you’ve got James Cameron attached to produce your upcoming sci-fi flick, you know you’re in good hands… at least when it comes to CG visuals. While we’re all patiently waiting to see what Cameron has in store for us in the Avatar sequels, Alita: Battle Angel more than keeps us tied over in the visuals department. Similar to Avatar, it’s a film that needs to be seen on the biggest screen possible, and it’s also a rare case where the 3D actually adds to the overall experience. But don’t just take our word for it… 

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#3: Violent Action Scenes

Some might see the PG-13 rating that Alita: Battle Angel was tagged with and be disappointed. Luckily, Robert Rodriguez more that pushed the boundaries of what’s allowed with this more conservative grading. From decapitations to bots getting ripped clean in half, it’s clear that Rodriguez pulled from the violent themes of his past movies for this new feature. The Motorball sequences in particular will get your adrenaline pumping, while a scene involving a dog might have more than a few people clenching their armrests. Plus, the movie’s got one of the best uses of an F-bomb in our recent memory, so there’s that…

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#2: Doing the Manga & Anime Justice

Anime and Hollywood have long had a troubled relationship. Dragonball: Evolution, Death Note and Ghost in the Shell all failed in trying to bring their respective stories to the mainstream. Fortunately, Alita: Battle Angel might just succeed where these other movies failed, using the original source materials as a jumping off point, rather than trying to remake the entire story with American actors. The filmmakers drew from different points within the manga’s timeline to create something entirely new, and fans of the manga and anime should be pleased with this new adaptation.

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#1: The CGI

It’s really a risk to go all out on CGI creations, but when you’ve got a king of groundbreaking computer effects like James Cameron behind you, you’re probably in good hands. Cameron reportedly lent Rodriguez his team from Avatar, and it shows, as many of the visuals throughout the film are boundary-pushing, and need to be seen to be believed. Creating many of the cyborg monstrosities of Iron City couldn’t have been a simple feat, but making them fight so fluidly must have been next to impossible. Not to mention, the attention to detail put into bringing this world to life, truly make Alita: Battle Angel a must see!

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