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Top 5 DC Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

Someone Deserves a Batslap for This…

While everyone often goes on about the failings of the DCEU, we can’t forget that the comics that it is based on have had their own fair share of controversies. From re-imaginings that totally wrecked the core values of characters, all the way to storylines that went absolutely nowhere, these were the moments that pushed DC fans too far!

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#5: Superman Renounces His American Citizenship

This moment is a controversial one, especially since there are many readers who loved the moment. So… what’s the big deal with this political statement? Well, just that. It’s a strong political statement from the world’s most iconic hero, a hero that has always been tied intimately with America. Heck, his catchphrase has literally often been “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”. So when a story in Action Comics #900 saw Superman renounce his American citizenship, some American readers were outraged by what they felt was a personal attack on American identity.

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#4: All of “Amazons Attack!”

This is one of those storylines that really makes you stop and ask yourself…. what were they thinking? A 2007 limited series, Amazons Attack promised to be an epic Wonder Woman event. Unfortunately, it was neither epic nor much of a Wonder Woman story. From the first issue, it became almost immediately clear that this plot made no sense and could only hurt Wonder Woman’s reputation, along with that of her people. It begins with the Amazons attacking Washington, killing an unarmed father and son. There’s your first rage quit. Soon, they’re taking down fighter jets with arrows. Violent, illogical and lacking anything worthwhile to say, Amazons Attack inspired vocal criticism.

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#3: The Goddamn Batman

Frank Miller’s work on “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” may have left much to be desired, but it looks far more passable when compared to his contributions to the Batman mythos in “All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder.” We get that All-Star comics are stories that take place out of continuity, but who in the hell did DC think would want to read this take on Batman? Like in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Miller fumbles with a sex scene by having Black Canary and Batman have sex as henchmen burn to death in the background. But the real kicker is when he basically kidnaps Dick Grayson, calls him “retarded” and then introduces himself as “the goddamn Batman”.

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#2: Hal Jordan Goes Crazy

Heroes become villains, villains become heroes. It’s a tired trope and one that feels like it’s been done to death. Rarely does it stick, however, and never before had a hero been so savagely taken down the path of villainy. In the ‘90s, the powers that be at DC decided that it was time to pass along the torch to a new Green Lantern. Rather than have Hal Jordan retire or become a mentor figure, however, they destroyed his home city and many people he loved, had him dragged to the depths despair and then made him go mad and proceed to kill his fellow Lanterns, completing his transformation into the villainous Parallax. Understandably many fans were NOT pleased.

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#1: The Rape of Sue Dibny

Sexual assault is a very difficult topic, but that’s not to say that it has no place in works of fiction. There are numerous stories across various media that have handled the incredibly difficult subject with sensitivity. DC’s 2004 event, “Identity Crisis,” was unfortunately not one of them. When supporting character Sue Dibny (the wife of the Elongated Man) was revealed to have been raped by Dr. Light, many felt that it was a cheap plot device – another female character from comics victimized to advance the story. Worse, the Justice League covered it up. The whole thing showed terrible judgment on the part of the creative team, and many readers refused to accept that the heroes of the Justice League would act in such a way.

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