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New POKÉMON Detective Pikachu Trailer: Details & Fan Reactions

Pika Pika!

Ryan Reynolds recently took to Twitter to share an “Inside the Actor’s Studio” spoof called “Outside the Actor’s Studio,” where he recounted his dedicated and deeply invested approach to preparing for the role of Detective Pikachu, while getting roasted by his wife Blake Lively, of course:

What started as an entertaining short parody, quickly turned into a promo for a second and more detailed trailer! It’s safe to say fans were eager for more information, considering how little the first teaser revealed about the upcoming Pokémon film, so check it out here:

This new trailer shares the film’s primary plot which follows Detective Pikachu on his journey to uncover his past and the whereabouts of his previous trainer Harry Goodman, an ace detective. The trailer also reveals some pretty awesome battle scenes and a powerful Mewtwo reveal! In terms of other classic Pokémon that make a cameo, we noticed Charizard, Machamp, Snubbull, Ludicolo, Lickitung, Bulbasaur, Cubone, Snorlax and Eevee. Some Pokemon have adorably successful live-action incarnations, while others could use some work, but regardless, fans are more than ready for the film to hit theatres this May. Check out some hilarious Twitter reactions below!

What did you think of the new Detective Pikachu trailer? Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for the film and check out the video below for our detailed breakdown of the first trailer!

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