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“Hereditary” Director Ari Aster Drops Trailer for New Horror Film “Midsommar”!

A Festival Worse Than Fyre?!?

While some of us are still sleeping with the lights on after watching his 2018 horror film, “Hereditary”, Ari Aster is already back again with a frightening feature that looks terrifyingly promising. “Midsommar”, a “Scandinavian folk horror,” follows a young woman (Florence Pugh) and her boyfriend (Jack Reynor) on a summer trip to a remote town in Sweden during their midsummer festival. As the trailer slowly reveals, the village is far less welcoming and put-together as it seems, but rather an eerie group that belongs to a pagan cult. Complete with a sinister soundscape that we’ve come to expect from Aster, the “master of horror” himself, “Midsommar” is set to hit theatres and scare us all this August. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, take a look here and keep reading for some easter eggs and hilarious reactions curtesy of good old Twitter.

If you’re not sure what to expect based on the “Midsommar” trailer, check out our video below where we go over the Top 5 reasons that Ari Aster’s horror debut “Hereditary” was the scariest movie of 2018.

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