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Top 5 Times Cheaters Got Owned in Anime

They Never Prosper…

Whether its manipulating their way to power, besting their rivals via unfair means or just being tactless clowns, these deceivers did whatever possible in order to secure their win. Thankfully, karma swiftly followed and left them ousted and humiliated for all to see. We’re guessing they won’t be forgetting these lessons anytime soon.

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#5: The Foxy Pirates
“One Piece” (1999-)

In what universe is tangoing with the Straw Hat Pirates a good idea? You only need to take one look at Zoro to know that he means business, and yet Foxy and his crew still thought they had a chance? Granted, these battles are basically comic relief, but that doesn’t excuse how this fox-faced fiend tried to cheat at every turn. He made each contest in his crew’s favour, implemented underhanded tactics, even tried to blindsight Luffy during his boxing match. They may have been wily in their ways, but nothing tops Luffy and company when it comes to overcoming the impossible.

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#4: Oberon
“Sword Art Online” (2012)

Even if he does have a voice that makes angels weep, this so-called Fairy King isn’t so much a gracious ruler as he is a gamer who really needs to be put on some kind of watch-list. Willing to do anything to claim Asuna and take out Kirito, Oberon happily twisted the rules of Alfheim Online to his advantage. Considering there’s nothing this guy hates more than a fair fight, using illegal techniques like Gravity Magic in order to hold Kirito in place while he felt up Asuna is hardly a stretch. Hope he enjoyed himself, since it wouldn’t be long until he got his ass handed to him both inside and outside the gaming sphere. 

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#3: Boruto Uzumaki
“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” (2017-)

Are you proud of yourself, young man? Just look at what you did! An unfortunate combination of teenage issues, swollen ego and manipulation all led to this shinobi throwing away his big day, when he was exposed for using an illegal Ninja Tool during the Chunin Exams. His excuse? “It’s your fault Dad because you never trained me! I hate you!” Hey kid, did you ever hear the one about how your Dad spend his childhood isolated by the whole village, and yet managed to stick to his guns and relied on his own strength to take him places? Didn’t see him whining about it did you! Now go to your room!

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#2: Frost
“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-)

I hate to stereotype, but it seems no matter where you look in the multiverse, Frieza’s lookalikes are always clinging to the dark side. Frost might not be a genocidal maniac, but he’s hardly leaning towards lawful good. After all, when it came time for Universe 6 and 7 to bump heads, he fooled everyone into thinking he was a stand up guy…before suddenly turning the tables on his opponent with one dirty trick after the next. He might have gotten away with it to, if not for the fact there’s nothing in all of spacetime stronger than Vegeta’s hate-boner for all things Frieza. 

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#1: Team Masho
“Yu Yu Hakusho” (1992-95)

Even in a tournament filled with demons, these guys managed to standout as the most dishonest, underhanded, devious and assholish group you’re likely to come across. Willing to do anything to win, and backed by their slimeball manager Butajiri, their meddling almost spelled doom for Team Urameshi. With Kuwabara forced to fight while injured and Genkai and Hiei locked away from fighting, it almost looked like they would walk away the winners…but it wasn’t enough to keep Urameshi’s group of badasses down. Yep, these folks truly were the worst. Not you though Jin – you’ll always be our sweet Irish muffin.

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