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5 Bonus “Queer Eye” Fab 5 Moments You Need to See

When They’re Done With Lifestyle Makeovers, They Give Us These Fabulous Moments

If you watch Netflix’s “Queer Eye”, you know that Karamo, Tan, Antoni, Jonathan, and Bobby are basically superheroes and the only squad we’d call in a makeover emergency. Over on MsMojo, we looked at cast moments from outside the show, excluding solo outings such as when Tan gave Pete Davidson a makeover, and ranked our top 10. Our list includes The Fab 5 ace a friendship test, The Fab 5 does a compliment battle, The Fab 5 insta-stalk each other, The Fab 5 does nailed it, and more. You can check out that video below, as well as 5 BONUS moments that almost made our list!

5. Helping a Stranger Propose to His Girlfriend

The Fab 5 may be known for curating dramatic lifestyle transformations, but clearly their expertise stretches across other areas as well, like wedding proposals. During this collaboration with Brides, the guys help a man named Jake create the perfect proposal for his girlfriend and seeing how passionate each Fab 5 member gets about the event is the best, especially in the screenshot below when Karamo green light’s the idea of a skull ring and you can see the panic on every other member’s face.

4. Never Have I Ever

This party game is a classic where shade is thrown and secrets are revealed, so who better than the Fab 5 to make it even more entertaining? In this version, the squad takes turns reading ‘never have I ever’ cards and drinking if they’ve done what’s on the card. Every card prompts their classic, hilarious banter, but Jonathan’s reaction to Antoni revealing he’s eaten a live scallop takes the cake by far: “You ate a live SCYAAALLOPPP!?”

3. Who They’d Be In Other Famous Fab Fives

While they may be our favorite Fab 5, they aren’t the only famous quintet in the game and in this Entertainment Weekly segment, the guys choose who they’d be in other legendary Fab 5’s. From Jonathan wanting to be “Winona Ryder at the SAG awards” in the cast of Stranger Things, Antoni demanding “I get the dog!” in the “Wizard of Oz” cast, and Jonathan throwing TONS of shade at Adele when Tan tries to include her in The Divas over Barbra Streisand, we get some pretty hilarious opinions thrown around. They may not be the only Fab 5, but their cheeky dynamic is unmatched.

2. How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?

Okay, we might be cheating with this one since it’s only 3 of the 5 guys, but once you see the way things heat up in this Marie Claire game, you’ll forgive us. Tan, Antoni and Jonathan each go around asking multiple choice questions about themselves that the other 2 have to try and answer correctly. It’s an ultimate test of their friendship and it definitely gets sassy and surprising, like who knew Jonathan was a Hanson stan? Also the fact that the segment ends with Antoni and Jonathan belting out Jewel’s “Foolish Games” is everything.

1. The LGBTQuiz: Queer Taboo Edition

It’s official, we need to plan a game night with the Fab 5! This rendition of taboo finds the squad challenging their knowledge of key words and figures like “Drag Queen”, “Bear”, “Madonna” and “Ellen” by describing them without the use of crucial descriptors i.e. “taboo” words. Some of the best moments include the fact that Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer are taboo words for ‘Peach’ and Tan trying to describe Laverne Cox by saying “This person has become iconic in our community…”, to which Karamo responds, “Jonathan!”

Which Fab 5 moment is your favorite? Make sure to check out our full list of 10 fabulous moments on MsMojo here!

And for more “Queer Eye” content, take a look at the videos below!

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