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Top 5 Anime Girls With The Sexiest Voices

Get Ready for Audio Ecstasy

It’s a question as old as time; what makes a great waifu? Well, aside from an engaging personality, ability to stand out among the rest of the anime rabble and steal the hearts of fans everywhere, there’s also the case of the voice actor’s amping up the appeal. In this case, the original Japanese performances of these ladies went down so well that you shouldn’t be surprised if you get hot under the collar while listening!

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#5: Celty Sturluson
“Durarara!!” (2010; 2015-16)

For someone missing their head, this lovely lass sure knows how sweet talk! While she looks like your run of the mill leather-clad biker gal with an admittedly adorable helmet, in truth Celty is an Irish fairy in search of her missing cranium. It says a lot when a character manages to become so desirable even when lacking a head. Miyuki Sawashiro takes what’s admittedly a crazy fantasy being and turns her into a confident, bubbly and endearing lady. Who needs a head when Celty can lull you with such honeyed words?

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#4: Shura Kirigakure
“Blue Exorcist” series (2011-17)

Talk about being hot for teacher. While her aversion for traditional clothing certainly often leaves her fellow Exorcists blushing up a storm, it’s Rina Satou’s saucy performance that pushes fans over the edge. With her work hard, play harder attitude, Shura certainly knew how to leave Rin and the rest red in the face, though it’s hard to tell if it’s from her endless flirting or her habit of incinerating everything around her with her raw power. All we can say is where do we sign up for private tutoring? 

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#3: Yumeko Jabami
“Kakegurui” (2017; 2019)

Yes, she is totally cuckoo for gambling, to the point where she almost always ends up losing herself in the thrill of it all and starts screaming like a banshee. And yet it still does absolutely nothing to diminish just how appealing Yumeko’s voice truly is. Be it her insane rambles or her playful persona, Saori Hayami brings a level of sensuality to Yumeko that makes even her most innocent of moments come across as irrefutably erotic. Of course, if that’s too much for you to handle, you may want to leave the room when she starts acting like a cat. 

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#2: Rize Kamishiro
“Tokyo Ghoul” series (2014-18)

While Kaneki will most certainly never forget the likes of this tempting Ghoul, considering she did take a bite out of his neck on their first date, Rize also left quite an impact on us as well. Not a horrific, bloody, cannibalistic impact, but rather one that had us deeply contemplating whether or not we would go out with her on a second date, even at the risk of getting eaten alive. That’s the power of Kana Hanazawa’s voice, making you question your own safety just for that chance of hearing more of that Rize goodness. 

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#1: Hitagi Senjougahara
“Monogatari” series (2009-)

The sheer force of Chiwa Saito’s performance is so intense that even the show itself had to reference just how good she was. That pretty much says all you need to know about this fiery damsel. As the supposed one true love of Araragi, every word Senjougahara speaks is practically dripping with enticement. Even if she’s being sarcastic as hell, possessed by an oddity or even threatening Araragi’s very life, not even the likes of Kiss-Shot could ever hope of undoing just how alluring this weightless wonder really is.

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