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What’s The Value of YouTube Subscribers? Check Out Context TV To Find Out!

This Channel Means Business

In case you haven’t heard, we just launched a brand new channel called ContextTV and if you like business, entrepreneurship or stories of successes and epic fails, you’re in for a treat! ContextTV is a platform that aims to equip entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and executives with a roadmap and blueprint to succeed, by offering tips and sharing lessons on success and failure, risk and reward and greed and fear.

We have business professionals, including WatchMojo CEO and founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, who will give you all kinds of helpful tips and tricks about creating your own company, along with videos that breakdown what’s happening in the business world right now! Need an example? Here are a few recent videos you can check out:

Jussie Smollett and Elizabeth Holmes: 3 Similarities

Will Tech Firms Destroy The World with AI-powered Robot Armies?

How the iPod Changed Music Forever

Laid off by Disney at Fox? 4 Tips to Land A Better Job in New Media

What’s The Value of YouTube Subscribers?

Business buff or not, this content can give you the insight you need to succeed in your field, or at the very least, a lesson or story definitely worth sharing. Find out more using this link:


Want a taste of what’s coming? Here is a sneak peak at some topics we’ll be tackling very soon!

How Best Buy Recovered From Being Worst Buy

How Do Entrepreneurs Pick What To Pursue?

Top 10 Worst PR Mistakes Made By Companies

Apple VS Microsoft

If any of this content sparks joy for you, help us out by voting on the poll below and stay connected with ContextTV!

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