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Top 5 Worst Things Sasuke Has Done

Once a Bad Boy…

Arguably one of the most divisive characters in the entire series, Sasuke Uchiha has made the transition from traumatised youth to vengeful student to wanted criminal and back around to edgy good guy all within one lifetime. Whether you feel his actions and ultimate redemption were justified, it can’t be denied that Sasuke accumulated quite a laundry list of dark deeds, with these five standing out as the most shocking.

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#5: Tried to Kill Sakura

After finding Sasuke shortly after he stabs Karin, Sakura’s intent is to kill the young man she (for some reason) loves, to spare Naruto and everyone else the pain. Sasuke is naturally suspicious of her offer to join him and, after demanding she kill Karin to prove her loyalty, then follows it up by trying to murder her from behind when she hesitates. It’s only the timely intervention of Kakashi that saves Sakura’s life, and Sasuke even makes an attempt on his former teacher’s life to boot! I wonder if Sakura ever fondly looks back and remembers that time her husband tried to murder her.

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#4: Plotting the Destruction of the Leaf Village (And Mass Murder)

After Tobi reveals to Sasuke that his brother Itachi massacred their clan to avert a civil war and at the behest of Konoha’s elders, Sasuke is naturally upset. Rather than verify this information for himself, Sasuke trusts a stranger and almost immediately swears vengeance on not only those directly responsible, but the entire Leaf Village. Not only is this exactly the kind of thing Itachi sacrificed everything to stop, but it’s also Sasuke planning to commit mass murder against the inhabitants of his home village! Yeah, yeah, you can cite his “curse of hatred,” his painful experiences, whatever – this is not moral behavior.

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#3: Neglects His Daughter

Just like his neglect of his wife, Sasuke also neglects his daughter, Sarada. The sullen shinobi is absent from her life on mostly self-imposed missions so much so that she has few memories of him. And when they do finally reunite, Sasuke’s first course of action is to almost murder her, all because he doesn’t recognize her! But really, Sarada shouldn’t take it personally! Aside from his own parents, is there anyone close to Sasuke that he hasn’t attempted to kill?

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#2: Became a Rogue Ninja and Joined the Village’s Worst Enemy

Sasuke begins the series consumed with hatred for his brother Itachi. Sasuke’s desperation to become stronger leads him to accept an offer of training from Orochimaru, a man who’s already invaded Konoha, gave Sasuke a cursed seal, and was responsible for the Third Hokage’s death. Sasuke betraying his friends and the village is hardly surprising to us now, given everything he’s done since and his general self-centeredness, but back when it first happened, it was a huge deal. His betrayal ended up endangering his classmates who tried to retrieve him and led to many of the headaches and heartbreaks that followed.

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#1: His Warped Plot to Change the Shinobi World

Upon saving the world from Kaguya, whose plot led almost everyone to be put into an endless sleep, Sasuke announces his intention to murder the five Kage in their sleep, as well as Naruto and the other Tailed Beasts; blaming them for the state of the world, instead of the villains they just fought a war to defeat. He then plans to shoulder the world’s hatred on himself by becoming the most powerful, hated enemy of everyone; essentially imitating what his brother did to him on a global scale. Because Sasuke turned out so well from that traumatic experience, why wouldn’t he want to inflict the same thing on the whole planet? What a hero!

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