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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super: Broly Moments


With fight scenes that eclipse even the most hardcore of shounen series, top tier animation and an excellent revamp of a cult character into the mainstream, Dragon Ball Super: Broly became something of a landmark event for fans of the franchise. From the surprisingly potent character study of its titular Saiyan all the way to the return of a certain Fusion, these are the moments that proved the hype was worth it!

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#5: Call Me Kakarot

Kakarot may have been born on Planet Vegeta, but Son Goku is a byproduct of Earth. Seeking to extend an olive branch after the fighting concludes, Goku formally introduces himself to Broly as an Earthling and a Saiyan. In certain ways, Goku and Broly share a lot in common. Both were forced off their home planet at a painfully young age and only learned about their species through second-hand accounts from people like Paragus and Vegeta. By adopting the name Kakarot, Goku shows Broly there is still a place for Saiyans in this universe.

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#4: Goku vs. Broly

An interesting story is all fine and dandy, but “Dragon Ball” is nothing without explosive action and “Broly” delivers the goods in spades! As the second in three main fights, Goku’s battle against Broly progresses through multiple phases of awesomeness, with the momentum swinging back and forth along the way. The pair end up fighting in magma, so things get pretty insane! We’d put this fight higher on the list, but unfortunately the 3D segments really bring it down – no one wants to see that shit, c’mon.

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#3: Fusion…Success!

Due to the unofficial status of the “Dragon Ball Z” movies and “GT,” technically, Goku and Vegeta perform their first official fusion dance in 2018’s movie. Vegeta is so mortified by the ritual, the prideful prince initially elects to let the planet be destroyed, but eventually agrees out of love for Bulma. Following two failed albeit hilarious attempts, the Saiyans manage to fuse and the moment more than lives up to the hype. While Goku and Vegeta spend an hour attempting to create Gogeta, Frieza’s face becomes painfully familiar with Broly’s fist.

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#2: Vegeta vs. Broly

As the movie’s first proper battle, Vegeta versus Broly tells an effective story while delivering numerous visually stunning set pieces. Due to being far more battle-hardened, Vegeta dominates most of the encounter and – in one particularly memorable moment – punches Broly through several mountains. Thanks to the dynamic animation, each blow feels impactful and significant, even more so than the Goku and Broly battle. Vegeta’s first Super Saiyan God transformation is definitely a highlight; that being said, this fight is all about Broly’s doomed internal struggle to not lose control.

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#1: Gogeta vs. Broly

Just when it seems “Dragon Ball” could not possibly outdo itself, Gogeta and Broly create an energy clash powerful enough to shatter reality. Blending traditional animation and CGI, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” produces an absolutely mesmerizing visual spectacle that literally transcends space and time. From the first to the last second, the climactic battle oozes epicness out of every frame and the chaos only intensifies as the outmatched Broly grows more desperate with each new attack. While the Vegeta and Goku battles are great traditional “Dragon Ball” fights, Gogeta versus Broly raises the bar in terms of kinetic action.

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