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Top 5 Video Game Characters Who Get Picked On a Lot

It’s Not Easy Being These Guys

Whether they’re the butt of every joke or have lived a life of tragedy, these five video game characters haven’t had the easiest life. Of course, its because they face these hardships head on and overcome them that they manage to endear themselves to us even more!

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#5: Ren Amamiya (aka “Joker”)
“Persona 5” (2017)

You ever had a rumor spread about you? Well, “Persona 5” will happily give you that experience! When Ren Amamiya (aka “Joker” (aka YOU)) move to Yongen-Jaya, you learn that you’ve been forced to move away from home because you stopped an aggressive man from harassing a woman. However, because you hurt the man, a criminal charge was put on your record. As you begin attending Shujin Academy, you learn students see you as the scary, quiet kid or the guy who has a violent hatred burning inside him. Although, nobody bothers asking you what REALLY happened, choosing to continue the rumors rather than investigate. Everyone wants to believe their own narrative, even if they know nothing.

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#4: Johnny Cage
“Mortal Kombat” series (1992-)

Look, we get why most of the “Mortal Kombat” crew give Johnny Cage a lot of crap. He thinks he’s cool, he says some of the dumbest things imaginable, and there’s something about that sh**-eating grin that makes you want to kick his teeth in. Oh, and lest we forget his nut-punching abilities? Yeah, we wouldn’t be Johnny’s biggest fan either, but like with “Danganronpa’s” Mikan, there’s a point where the mockery gets too much. Johnny can be an ass sometimes, but his heart’s in the right place. He saved Sonya Blade from Kano in “MK9”, helped defend Earthrealm on more than a few occasions, and has been a good father to Cassie Cage. This is a good man here! Let’s show some respect!

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#3: Chell
“Portal” series (2007-12)

We all know GLaDOS is one sadistic AI, almost up there with “System Shock’s” SHODAN. However, GLaDOS is on a different scale. Instead of making vicious threats, she’ll happily try to demoralize Chell by mocking her intelligence, no matter how personal things will get. She’ll insult Chell for having adopted parents, incinerating a cube that may have had a living thing inside it, or just flat out saying what a horrible person Chell is. GLaDOS doesn’t even have a good reason for forcing Chell through her experiments. She simply does it for her sick kicks! Here’s hoping our heroine found some kind of peace after the events of “Portal 2”.

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#2: Aloy
“Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017)

Aloy is, perhaps, one of the most underappreciated video game characters we’ve come across. Throughout most of her life, Aloy was viewed by many as a “cursed” child, causing her and her foster father Rost to be shunned by their own tribe. Throughout her childhood, Aloy was picked on because she didn’t’t have a mother. Later in the game, we learn that she was shunned because her birth came around the same time the machines started rampaging around the planet. Both reasons are insanely stupid to justify picking on somebody, and it felt so damn good being the only one who could tame the machines! Let’s see someone tease her when she’s got a Sawtooth for a pet!

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#1: Luigi
“Super Mario” series (1985-)

Poor Luigi just can’t catch a break, even when he’s with his brother. While most of the Mushroom Kingdom is rather accepting of the green-capped Mario brother, Luigi is teased a lot outside of the main games. In the “Mario & Luigi” games, he’s often mistaken for someone else or completely ignored by other characters. In “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”, he’s the literal punching bag for some of the cast. In “Smash for Wii U”, Viridi from “Kid Icarus” takes an unnessisary jab at his attire. Oh, AND he was killed in the reveal trailer for Simon Belmont. Just…why Nintendo?? Why Mario and friends?? WHY are you SOOO hell-bent on making Luigi the butt of every….damn…joke??? We love you, Luigi…and we will protect you.

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