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March 10

Mar 10
Birthday of Chuck NorrisBirthday of Chuck Norris, American martial artist and actor (1940)Top 10 Chuck Norris Moments
Top 10 Celebrity Mustaches
Top 10 Most Memorable Moments From the Cast of The Expendables 2

Birthday of Sharon StoneBirth of actress, film producer, and former fashion model, Sharon Stone (1958)Top 10 Sexy Female Movie Villains
Top 10 Celebrity Cougars

Birthday of Jon HammBirthday of Jon Hamm (1971)Top 10 Jon Hamm Moments
Jon Hamm Biography: From 'Mad Men' to 'Bridesmaids'
Top 10 Decade Defining Actors: 2010s

Release: Get CarterThe film Get Carter is released (1971)Top 10 Worst American Remakes of Foreign Movies

Release: Silent RunningThe film Silent Running is released (1972)Top 10 Environmental Warning Movies

Birthday of Carrie UnderwoodBirthday of Carrie Underwood (1983)Carrie Underwood Bio: Life and Career of the Country Singer
Top 10 Female Country Music Stars

Birthday of Olivia WildeBirthday of actress Olivia Wilde (1984)Olivia Wilde Bio: From The O.C. To Tron Legacy
Top 13 Hot Actresses of 2013

Release: Release of Under the BridgeRelease of Under the Bridge (1992)Top 10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

Release: OutbreakThe film Outbreak is released (1995)Top 10 Movie Outbreaks

Debut of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.Buffy the Vampire Slayer had its television debut on this day in 1997 on The WB.Top 10 Fictional Television Schools

The TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer airs its first episodeThe TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer airs its first episode (1997)Top 10 Fantasy Shows
Top 10 Vampires in Movies and TV (REDUX)
Top 10 Good Guys Gone Bad in TV
Top 10 TV Bottle Episodes

Release: Mission to MarsThe film Mission to Mars was released (2000)Top 10 Copycat Movies

Release: Release of Dawn of the DeadRelease of Dawn of the Dead (2004)Top 10 Best Horror Movie Remakes

Release: The Hills Have EyesThe film The Hills Have Eyes is released (2006)Top 10 Best Horror Movie Remakes
Top 10 Horror Movies Inspired By True Events

Shane Dawson joins YouTubeShane Dawson joins YouTube (2008)Top 10 YouTube Celebrities

The Geneva County massacre takes place.Michael Kenneth McLendon kills 10 in the Geneva County massacre.Top 10 Infamous Mass Shootings in the U.S.

The TV series Being Human airs its last episodeThe TV series Being Human airs its last episode (2013)Top 10 TV Vampires
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