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February 11

Feb 11
Birthday of Thomas EdisonBirthday of Thomas Edison (1847)Top 10 Greatest Inventions of All Time

Birthday of Leslie NielsenBirthday of Leslie Nielsen (1926)Top 10 Canadian Comedians
Top 10 Movie Idiots

Mussolini's Fascist Italy and the Vatican sign the Lateran TreatyFascist Italy and the Vatican sign the Lateran Treaty [Mussolini] (1929)Benito Mussolini: Biography of Fascist Italy's Dictator

Birthday of Burt ReynoldsBirthday of Burt Reynolds (1936)Top 10 Alternate Casting Choices in Film
Top 10 Celebrity Mustaches

Birthday of Bad Brains' H.R.Bad Brains' singer H.R. is bornTop 10 Punk Bands

Birthday of Jennifer AnistonBirthday of Jennifer Aniston (1969)Jennifer Aniston Biography (UPDATE)
How I Met Your Mother vs. Friends
Jennifer Aniston Bio: From Friends to Wanderlust

Birthday of Varg VikernesBirthday of Varg Vikernes (1973)Top 10 Controversial Figures in Rock History

Birthday of Linkin Parks Mike ShinodaLinkin Park rapper and rhythm guitarist Mike Shinoda is bornTop 10 Greatest Linkin Park Songs
The History of Linkin Park

Birthday of Kelly RowlandBirthday of Kelly Rowland (1981)Top 10 Destiny’s Child Songs

Birthday of Aubrey O'Day of Danity KaneDanity Kane's Aubrey O'Day is bornTop 10 Reality Talent Show Acts

Release: Ferris Bueller's Day OffThe film Ferris Bueller's Day Off is released (1986)Top 10 Trends of the 1980s

Release: Debbie Gibson's Foolish Beat is releasedDebbie Gibson's Foolish Beat is released (1988).Top 10 Billboard Records

Mike Tyson fights Buster DouglasMike Tyson fights Buster Douglas (1990)Top 10 Sports Upsets

Nelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster PrisonNelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster Prison outside Cape Town, South Africa after 27 years as a political prisoner (1990)Biography of Nelson Mandela: End of Apartheid
Top 10 Inspiring Political Prisoners

Birthday of Never Shout Never's Christofer IngleBirthday of Christofer Ingle [Never Shout Never] (1991)Meet Never Shout Never a.k.a. Christofer Drew Ingle

Birthday of Taylor Lautner Birthday of Taylor Lautner (1992)Life After Twilight: What Will Happen To Its Stars?
The Rocket Summer: Taylor Lautner and Nick Jonas, Famous Fans

Release: The Tigger MovieThe film The Tigger Movie is released (2000)Top 10 Best Spin-Off Movies

Release: HitchThe film Hitch is releasedTop 10 Quirky Movie Pick-up Lines

The TV series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! airs its first episodeThe TV series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! airs its first episode (2007)Top 10 Sketch Comedy Shows

Hosni Mubarak resignsEgyptian Revolution culminates in the resignation of Hosni Mubarak and the transfer of power to the Supreme Military Council after 18 days of protests (2011)Arab Spring: Protests in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and More

Release: Just Go with ItThe film Just Go with It is released (2011)Top 10 Worst Adam Sandler Movies

The Cleveland Cavaliers snap their record 26 game losing streakThe Cleveland Cavaliers snap their record 26 game losing streak (2011)Top 10 Losing Streaks in Sports

Death of Whitney HoustonDeath of Whitney Houston (2012)Top 10 Female Vocalists
Top 10 Decade Defining Musical Acts: 1980s
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