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Top 10 Kids’ Movies That Dealt With Serious Issues (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 Animated Movies That Deal Significantly With Social Issues

relevance to an issue prevalent in today's society, then it can be included. Animated films that just deal with an issue that's within its story or world will not be included.
Any animated film that has to make connection with an issue present in today's society; mental health, racism, corruption are all examples that come well under the banner. If it deals with a subgroup of that issue, then that's just a bonus. Contemporary animated films are preferable (2000 and after), but films before then that manage to find great
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    *Judy is herself very discriminative of the world around her to begin with. So due to the film's dealings with so many intertwining issues at once and the exploration of these intricacies, there are too many reasons to neglect this as the animated film that deals so significantly with its particular social issue of racism.
    The use of 'anyone can be anything' also helps to be a deconstruction of the American Dream, due to how obstacles can be so easily created with something so general such as race and gender. White feminism is said to also be mentioned, since although Judy has been discriminated herself, Judy is herself very discriminative of the world around her to
    The UK newspaper The Guardian have featured an article showing how the film can be seen to be a better alternative with Trump's dominance with the US presidential election.
    As well as the general exploration of racism, racial profiling and stereotypes, the use of the 10% predator and 90% prey population dynamic can lead us to understand how the majority can angrily react when the minority ask for basic human rights.
    *she soon exposes her racism even more dangerously with the prevalent use of labels and slurs directed towards predators, setting off citywide scale panics and protests, all too alarmingly reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter protests and their treatment in the media.
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  • 2Big Hero 6
  • 3The Lorax
  • 4The LEGO Movie
    A case can also be made at how the 'chosen one' device is used for deconstruction. When we put certain people on a pedestal, it can create an unhealthy competition, but also the toxic idea that you must be better than everyone else in order to succeed in life.
    *within his society.
    The main point is the clear fascism you're able to see in Bricksburg, what with the mindless entertainment preventing the citizens from figuring out the truth, the alarming inclusion of a police state and a president hell bent on forcing his own agenda of structure and order by erasing any forms of deviance such as creativity from within his societ
  • 5Inside Out
    *but also an inability to feel anything at all. Sadness is also depicted as very important to Riley's mental health, since Joy's attempt to get her to be happy all the time left her vulnerable to crumbling emotionally during a crisis.
    Even better, the film is also known to clear up the myth that depression is all about being sad. Not only does Riley lose Joy and Sadness in the beginning, the loss of her personality islands and how the main control panel locks the other three out distinguishes depression as not only a feeling of numbness and isolation, but also an inability to fe
    *of the five emotions.
    To add to the clever depiction of depression and the use of anthropomorphised emotions to make it both easier to understand and create a wider appeal for such an important issue, psychologists have also been known to use this film to help children better express their own emotions, especially with the use of small plastic figures of the five emotio
    Although perhaps being such a complex issue for its target audience, it can help children understand and come to terms with their own emotions and how they might work.
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  • 6The Incredibles
  • 7WALL-E
  • 8Spirited Away suggested byAndyAlan
  • 9How to Train Your Dragon suggested byAndyAlan

top 10 children movies that dealt with serious issues

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