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ANOTHER top 10 anime powers we wish were real

Devil fruits were covered in the last video so they are out.
weapons and tools that are attached to the characters are acceptable
I suggest we only include those powers that do not need any kind of tool, weapon or outside medium to be used, because those technically come under their specific categories (top 10 weapons etc.).
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    1Dragon Slayer Magic (Fairy Tail) suggested byJose Felix
    Don't vote for this overpowered crap

  • 2Nen (Hunter X Hunter) suggested byDenzel Bridges
    Nen is an amazing power which allows you to do basically anything. It goes from throwing an energy loaded punch to dealing electric chocs, creating flesh eating fishes, controlling people, etc. Some p

  • 3Ripple (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure) suggested byAnimefan

  • 4Haki (One Piece) suggested byShawn Mark
    Armorment Haki: an invisible armor allowing the user to touch & harm Logia users.
    Conquerors Haki (R): able to force one's will onto others.
    Aomorment Haki: an invisible amor allowing the user to touch & harm Logia users.
    Observation Haki: Able to see & predict enemy movement.

  • 5Spiral Power (Gurren Lagann) suggested byBrian McKenna

  • 6Titan Transformation - Attack on Titan suggested byKarma
    No, just no.
    Seriously...There ARE ppl here who want to / want to see others transform into gigantic naked monsters? I'm disappointed

  • 7Stand (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure) suggested byAnimefan

  • 8Shadow Clone Jutsu (Naruto franchise) suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 9Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (Garden of Sinners) suggested byAnimefan

  • 10Command Seal (Fate/Zero) suggested byMrRobinSon

  • 11Rinnegan (Naruto) suggested bytop10fan
    omg yessss

  • 12Summoning Avatars (Baka and Test) suggested byTheVanguardAssassin

  • 13Parasites - Parasyte suggested bySean D. William

  • 14Control Over Blood (Deadman Wonderland) suggested byLumiLys
    Branch of Sin.
    Blood Weaponry

  • 15Seeing The Future (Future Diary) suggested byLumiLys

  • 16Spirit Energy (Yu Yu Hakusho) suggested byShawn Mark

  • 17Zebra's sonokinesis (Toriko) suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 18Vector control - to are series suggested byJake Mc

  • 19Fire Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 20Fullbring - Bleach suggested byKarma

  • 21Byakugan (Naruto Franchise) suggested bySabrina Nelson

  • 22All Fiction ("Medaka Box") suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 23Geass suggested byfraideii

  • 24IS (Infinite Stratos) suggested byISmaster104
    This is equipment, not a power.

  • 25Various (Code: Breaker) suggested bySpideyfan-0913

  • 26Psychic Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's) suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić
    Akisa is one! :D

  • 27Goku Uniforms- Kill La Kill suggested byShawn Mark

  • 28Branch of Sin- Deadman Wonderland suggested byShawn Mark

  • 29Sacred Gears - Highschool DXD suggested bySean D. William

  • 30djinn equip ( magi ) suggested bymage craz

  • 31Kagune (Tokyo Ghoul) suggested bydog8biscuits

  • 32Branch of Sin - Deadman Wonderland suggested byMaxwell McNally

  • 33Aura (K Project) suggested byLumiLys

  • 34Celestial magic (Fairy Tail) suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 35Quincy (Bleach) suggested byDragonfox

  • 36Arcana of Time (Dawn of the Arcana.) suggested byViolet Tulippetal

  • 37Snakes Powers (Mekaku City Actors / Kagerou Project) suggested byAlan Fitzi

  • 38Immortality/Hyper Regeneration - Baccino suggested bybormannator

  • 39the Guyver Units (Guyver the Bio-Booster Armor) suggested byJon Lumpkins
    If that's outside tools, it's out.

  • 40Black Blood (Soul Eater) suggested bytop10fan

  • 41Re-equip magic (Fairy Tail) suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 42Regeneration (Hellsing/ Ultamite) suggested byBrendyn Robertson
    Only that, really?

  • 43Vectors (Elfen Lied) suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić
    Already been put on.

  • 44Titan's Power (Shingeki no Kyojin) suggested bytop10fan

  • 45Take over magic (Fairy Tail) suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 46Aera magic (Fairy Tail) suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 47Ice Make magic (Fairy Tail) suggested byNarutonarutonaruto85

  • 48Devil Fruits (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson
    devil fruits were already in the previous list

  • 49Smoke Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 50Thunder Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 51Dark Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 52Bloom fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 53Cursed Springs (Ranma 1/2) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 54Invisible Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 55Clone Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 56Revive Fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

  • 57Gummy fruit (One Piece) suggested bySofia Nilsson

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