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Another Top 10 Greatest Christmas Villains and Doubters from Animated Movies

On Christmas Eve of 2014, Watchmojo posted a great video called "Top 10 Greatest Christmas Villains and Doubters from Animated Movies". While the initial list paid homage to all the classic 2d and stop motion holiday baddies, a new generation of Christmas Specials wither own bad guys have been created during the preceding years.
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    1Mrs. Krum and Mr. Ellingboe – "Klaus" (2019)
    Mrs. Tammy Krum and Mr. Aksel Ellingboe are the respective leaders of two rival families caught in a bitter, long-running feud. But when a new postman and a reclusive toymaker start spreading good will throughout the streets of Smeerensburg, the two elders form reluctant alliance to put a stop to them.
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  • 2Quillgin – "Regular Show" (2009–2017)
    Quillgin was once the lead toy designer for Santa Claus and spent his life working on a present that would give children anything they wanted, but Santa shut the project down after he discovered how dangerous the box truly was. Now out for revenge, Quillgin seeks to steal back his present and use it to destroy Christmas forever.
  • 3Stormella – "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie" (1998)
    Stormella is the evil ice queen of the North Pole. Not only does she close her ice bridge to the public over an act of property damage, but she also starts the storm that almost cancelled Christmas that year if not for a certain red-nosed reindeer. It's only through a life debt-induced wish that her icy heart finally melts.
  • 4Krad – "Christmas Is Here Again" (2007)
    Krad's a crook with a heart as black as coal. He stole Santa's toy sack in revenge after Santa stopped handing out Krad's coal to naughty children, successfully cancelling the cherished holiday for thirty years to come. He's so evil that he even has his own tedious musical number just about how bad he is.
  • 5Z – "Alien Xmas" (2020)
    Z is the heartless leader of a race of thieving aliens known as the Klepts, on a mission steal all the stuff planet Earth has to offer. This greedy Grey and her minions will steal just about everything that isn't nailed down... and if it is nailed down, then they'll probably just steal the nails along with everything else.
  • 6Kubla Kraus – "Jack Frost" (1979)
    The Cossack King rules with an iron hand and gets whatever he demands. And what he doesn't get, he just takes. Kubla Kraus is a selfish and tyrannical ruler who takes advantage of his citizens and does not care about the consequences of his actions, even going as far as to kidnap the woman Jack Frost loves.
  • 7The Mouse King – "The Nutcracker Prince" (1990)
    The main antagonist of the beloved holiday ballet and subsequent film adaptation, the Mouse King has sworn vengeance on the titular Nutcraker for the death of his mother. The Mouse King is also one of the few villains on this list who doesn't get redeemed at the end, so you know he really is just bad.
  • 8Gryla and the Thirteen Yule Lads – "Hilda" (2018–2020)
    From the old pages of Icelandic folklore, Gryla is an ogress who sleeps most of the year, but awakens around the time of the Trolberg Winter Festival to feed on a stew made from naughty children. And if this ogre wasn't bad enough on her own, she also has thirteen mischievous Yule Lads to do her dirty work.
  • 9Cactus Pete – "Albert" (2016)
    In a world where plants are more alive than we know, Cactus Pete was the beloved mascot of a Mexican restaurant for eleven months of the year. But when the Christmas season came along, poor old Pete was thrown out in the cold to make room for the tree. Resentful, this cold-hearted cactus seeks to destroy the most famous Christmas tree in the world.
  • 10Neville Baddington – "Saving Santa" (2013)
    Neville Baddington is the ultimate result of bad parenting. Once a sweet and innocent little boy, Neville has since lost his Christmas spirit and become dead set on discovering the secrets of Santa's sleigh so he can make his delivery company truly the fastest in the world and get back in his mother's good graces.
  • 11Black Wolf – "The Flight Before Christmas" (2008)
    As far as Christmas villains go, they don't get much badder than Black Wolf. Wanting to feast on Santa's flying reindeer, Santa himself, and a bunch of little boys and girls is pretty messed up, but I didn't include him in the top ten because I think he's the embodiment of a bad stereotype on how we regard wolves.
  • 12Principal Pankley – "The Legend of Frosty the Snowman" (2005)
    Cruel, corrupt, and a total control freak, Pankly is the last person you want in charge of your school. Not only did he steal Frosty's magic hat out of jealousy and kept it locked away for years, but he also used Frosty's return to his advantage, undermining the authority of the town mayor so he could steal his job.
  • 13Mr. Grimm – "How the Toys Saved Christmas" (1996)
    Mr. Grimm is a wicked and greedy old miser who only believes that people with money deserve to have toys for Christmas. After poisoning a nice old lady, he took over her toy store with the intent on selling the toys to the highest bidders. Unfortunately, he didn't count on the toys magically coming to life.
  • 14Snorkel – "The Santa Claus Brothers" (2001)
    Snorkel is Santa's head elf, but he's really after his boss's job so he can turn Christmas into a corporation. This little elf is so unscrupulous he's willing to sabotage the education of Santa's three sons, leave the whole Claus Clan stranded in California, and fire all his fellow elves as soon as he thinks he's won.
  • 15Grace Goodwin – "Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice" (2011)
    Grace Goodwin, also known by her screen name Jinglesmell1337, is a little girl who will go to extreme lengths to remove herself from Santa Claus' naughty list, also unintentionally endangering Christmas in the process. Deep down, Grace is a good kid who means well and is quite intelligent for her age.
  • 16The Winter Warlock – "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town" (1970)
    The reason Winter is so far near the bottom of this list is because I don't consider him to be a true villain. Before Kris Kringle comes along and helps Winter turn his life around, we don't really see him do anything truly villainous. He's basically just an early version of the Ice King from Adventure Time.
  • 17Herzog - "The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police" (1997-1998)
    We don't know what Herzog did to wind up in Blood Island Penitentiary, but he's already tried to escape from prison forty-three times. Due to this, he has a particular antagonism with Ruth, Sam's grandmother and the former warden of the prison. Herzog also returned in the season one finale, albeit briefly.
  • 18LeFreeze - "Gotta Catch Santa Claus" (2008)
    LeFreeze is an evil ice monster who lives on a comet of the same name, that drifts close to Earth right around Christmas time once every hundred years. During this brief window of opportunity, LeFreeze has tried and failed countless times to capture Santa Claus with the help of his three snowman stooges.
  • 19Todd Sweeney - "My Life as a Teenage Robot" (2003-2009)
    Most Christmas villains tend to stick to the holiday of their namesake, but young Todd Sweeney hates all of them. Seemingly abandoned by his wealthy parents, Todd has come to despise the holiday season and takes control of the advanced robot XJ-9 for an entire year so that he can destroy every major holiday.
  • 20Chief De Silva - "Arthur Christmas" (2011)
    Sometimes bad guys don't know they're bad guys. This was the case when the UNFTA mistakes Santa's sleigh for a flying saucer and Chief De Silva gives the order to have it shot down. The worst part is that she actually think's they've saved Christmas, when in reality they nearly ruined it for one little girl.

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