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Another Top 10 Times that The Simpsons Crossed the Line

Technically this has the same meaning as went to Far in a Way, so you'd know what I mean with the entries.
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    1Marge Wrongfully Fired for being Married - Marge gets a Job
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  • 2Bart gets a Booting - Bart vs Australia
  • 3Mr. Burns' doings in Who Shot Mr. Burns
  • 4Bart Shoplifts - Marge be not Proud
  • 5The Megaphone Shockwave Incident - The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
  • 6Marge gets into Road Rage - Marge Simpson in Screaming Yellow Honkers
  • 7Shock Therapy - There’s No Disgrace like Home
  • 8Whacking Day
  • 9Homer’s Heart Problems - Homer’s Triple Bypass
  • 10Marge’s Gambling Problem - $ringfield
    It seems easier to simplify the title as that incase anyone's wondering.
  • 11Jedediah Springfield revealed as Hans Sprungfeld - Lisa the Iconoclast
  • 12Some of the Moments in 22 Short Films about Springfield
  • 13Ned Flanders' House Destroyed - Hurricane Neddie
  • 14Skinner Revealed as an Impostor - The Principal and the Pauper
  • 15Snake Attempts to Decapitate Homer - Reality Bites
  • 16Lisa Cheats on a Test - Lisa Gets an A
  • 17Abraham's Kidneys Explode - Homer Simpson in Kidney Trouble
  • 18Supposedly Killing Captain Jack the Alligator - Kill the Alligator and Run
  • 19Judge Constance Harm's Presence - Various Episodes
  • 20Large Marge
    I'm referring to Marge's Breast Implant.
  • 21Cemetery moved to Opposite The Simpsons' House - The Girl who Slept Too Little
  • 22Bart’s Tattoo - The Simpsons Open on a Roasting Fire
  • 23Skinner’s Mysterious Disappearance - Bart the Murderer
  • 24Homer’s Arms Caught in a Vending Machine - Marge Simpson on the Lam
  • 25Homer Loves Flanders
  • 26Bart taken in by Mr. Burns - Burns’ Heir
  • 27Mr. Burns takes over all TV Channels - Rosebud
  • 28Flying Roasted Pig - Lisa the Vegetarian
  • 29Bart Sells his Soul
  • 30Homer gains Pounds - King Size Homer
  • 31Down with Homework - Team Homer
  • 32Several Avalanches - Mountain of Madness
  • 33Lisa's Saxophone gets Destroyed - Lisa's Sax
  • 34Heavily Trashed Springfield - Trash of the Titans
  • 35Bolivian Tree Lizards - Bart the Mother
  • 36Rat Milk - Mayored to the Mob
  • 37Lisa's Room turned into You Know What - Make Room for Lisa
  • 38Battling Siezure Robots - 30 Minutes over Tokyo
    There's also the Cruel Game Show that The Simpsons entered.
  • 39Restaurant Owners attempting to Murder Homer - Guess whose Coming to Criticise Dinner
  • 40Springfield split into two - A Tale of Two Springfield's
  • 41Springfield Elementary Snowed in - Skinner's Sense of Snow
  • 42Homer's Thumb Severed - Trilogy of Error
  • 43Praiseland - I'm Goin' to Praiseland
  • 44Brawl in the Family
  • 45Laxative Sabotagement - Bart of War
  • 46Homer Parodies the Grinch - 'Tis the Fifteenth Season
  • 47Fake Wedding - The Wandering Juvie
  • 48Bart's Donkey Incident - Bart Mangled Manner
  • 49Homer's RV - Mobile Homer
  • 50Thank God it's Doomsday
  • 51Bart has Two Mommies
  • 52Bart becomes like Nelson - The Haw Hawed Coulle
  • 53Bart gets Married - Little Big Girl
    I should've said Attempted.
  • 54Bart Skateboards Nude - The Simpsons Movie
    There's other moments in The Simpsons Movie as well that crossed the line.
  • 55Milhouse's Parents lost at Sea - Little Orphan Millie
    I was meant to put this on the next entry.
    All was done because his Parents had been spying on him through a Tracker on Denis Leary's phone.
  • 56Bart's Scarlet Tanager Prank - Lost Verizon
  • 57Bart attempts to Destroy Springfield Elementary - Postcards from the Wedge
  • 58The Simpsons Banished from Springfield - At Long Last Leave
  • 59World of LEGO - Brick like Me
    It's a shame things had to be ruined by Homer in LEGO form knowing about his Flesh Counterpart.
  • 60Marge being Unfond of Lisa's Saxophone - How Lisa got her Marge Back

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