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    1Surviving on JUST insects (Lion King franchise)
    Adult male Lions eat 16 pounds of meat or more every day. Simba couldn't have survived on just bugs. In real life he should've died from malnutrition, if not starvation!
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  • 2How is the water not frozen over? (Frozen)
    In one scene where Anna is trekking through the frozen forest looking for Elsa, she crosses a stream that is somehow NOT frozen, even though the lakes and waterfalls are frozen over.
  • 3Why Did Cinderella CHOOSE to Stay With an Abusive Family Even as an Adult!?! (Cinderella franchise)
    In both Disney film adaptations when Cinderella is now an adult, her awful step mother and stepsisters would have no power to keep her there. Unless it's kidnapping, but it's not because they don't even imprison her.
  • 4Sabor's life span (Tarzan)
    The possibility that Sabor would still be living and still be able to hunt a now full grown Tarzan, is impossible.
    Sabor was full grown when he killed Kerchak and Kala's baby, killed Tarzan's parents and tried to eat Tarzan as an infant. Leopards live on average of 12-17 years.
  • 5Stitch's disguise (Lilo and Stitch franchise)
    Except for Lilo, Nani and David, no one else knows about Stitch's true nature. Yet somehow, everyone on Hawaii seems to buy the story that he's a blue, freakish 'dog'? The Hawaiian's CAN NOT be that clueless and gullible!

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