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Ten things in video games that don’t make sense

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    1Guns that fire the same ammo but can’t use the same ammo because the gun is labeled a different classification like a sniper and a rifle and the only difference is what the gun hasn’t attached
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  • 2Stealth kills in games sometimes in games when you kill someone in stealth and they shout out sometimes and you can hear it and you’d expect the other enemies to hear it and come search for you and
  • 3Games with cars in them and you can give them rollbars and the rollbars don’t do anything really
  • 4High explosive rounds in video games in some games high explosive rounds do splash damage sometimes against people and sometimes certain vehicles but against armored vehicles it does damage to them wh
  • 5Penetration in video games in some video games they don’t know how penetration works say for example you have a pistol and a thin sheet of something and you shoot it it doesn’t go through then yo
  • 6Grenades in video games some games that have grenades do not know how they work what they think happens when you pull the pin the fuse starts and in a few seconds you blow up which is not how it works
  • 7Video games with grenade launchers some games do not know how grenade launchers work because when you fire one at your feet in some games it blows up when the grenade round itself has to rotate in the
  • 8Stealth mechanics in some games the stealth is kind of weird with certain powers you can get like in Skyrim where you can basically crouch in front of someone and they can’t see you
  • 9Video games bullet proof vests in some military games and others when a character has a billet proof vest and you shoot it it’s like a hot knife through butter
  • 10Getting ammo in certain games when you found ammo boxes in certain games and it’s a small box that show many rounds when you pick it up it only gives you like 1 to 5 rounds when the box shows that


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