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Top 10 MythBusters One Liners (suggested 2 times) To vote, use the individual suggestions below

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Top 10 MythBusters One Liners

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    1"Well There's Your Problem"
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  • 2"I Reject Your Reality And Substitute My Own"
  • 3"Am I Missing An Eyebrow?"
  • 4"Jamie Wants Big Boom"
  • 5"Quack, Damn You"
  • 6"I Wouldn't Say Jamie's An Evil Genius
  • 7"My Toast Always Lands Butter Side Up"
  • 8"This Is The Kind of Thing I Do On The Weekend"
  • 9"Failure is aways an option" suggested byJamesLabraFox
  • 10"Holy Crap, Run"
  • 11"Our Death Ray Doesn't Seem To Be Working"
  • 12"when in doubt, C4" suggested byJohn Lynch
  • 13"High explosives and electricity. Woo!" suggested byJamesLabraFox

Top Ten Mythbusters One-Liners

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    1When in doubt, C4
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  • 2Remeber kids, the only difference between screwing around and sceince is writing it down
  • 3I reject your reality, and substitute my own
  • 4This is why we cant have nice things/this is why we can never have anything nice
  • 5Here comes chaos
  • 6Holy crap, run
  • 7There's you problem
  • 8Am I missing an eyebrow?
  • 970% chance of science
  • 10No dignity in television
  • 11Jamie wants big boom suggested byJohn Lynch
  • 12Quack, damn you suggested byJohn Lynch

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