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Top 10 2017 TV Fight Scenes

The shows that will have good fights are Iron Fist, Into The Badlands, Arrow, and Agents Of SHIELD. So keep an eye out on them.
Please vote for this and other TV fight scene suggestions so we can get videos of these.
Best TV fight scenes of 2017. Also have one for 2016 if anyone's interested.
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    1Daisy vs LMD Mace - Agents Of SHIELD
  • 2Octavia vs Echo & Ice Nation Warriors - The 100
  • 3Roan, Octavia vs Luna - The 100
  • 4Sunny,MK vs Abbotts - Into The Badlands
  • 5Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian vs White Martians - Supergirl
  • 6Oliver Shooting Down Russian Mobsters - Arrow
    It was basically a John Wick type scene.
  • 7Daisy/Quake vs Anton/The Superior - Agents Of SHIELD
  • 8May vs Aida - Agents Of SHIELD
  • 9Vigilante vs Prometheus - Arrow
  • 10Arrow vs Adrian Chase/Prometheus (Checkmate) - Arrow
  • 11Grodd vs Solovar - The Flash
  • 12Colleen Wing Cage Fight - Iron Fist
    Their are two scenes of this, the first a one on one fight, the second one on two.
  • 13Danny Vs Triads Kidnapping Joy - Iron Fist
  • 14Danny Vs Zhou Cheng (Drunken Boxer) - Iron Fist
  • 15Danny's Three Battles (Hand Tournament) - Iron Fist
  • 16Colleen Wing Vs Bakuto - Iron Fist
  • 17Danny and Davos Vs Bakuto And The Hand Security And Students - Iron Fist
  • 18MK Vs Dark MK - Into The Badlands
  • 19Bridge Fight Against Bounty Hunters - Into The Badlands
  • 20The Widow Taking Back Oil Rig - Into The Badlands
  • 21Sunny Vs Moon - Into The Badlands
  • 22Cluster vs Cluster - Sense8
  • 23Sun vs Prison Guards - Sense8
  • 24Sunny Vs Quinn - Into The Badlands
  • 25The Widow vs Tilda - Into The Badlands
  • 26Nyssa vs Talia - Arrow
  • 27Team Arrow vs Chase's People On Lian Yu - Arrow
    Season 5 Finale
  • 28Coulson vs Daisy (Simulation) - Agents Of SHIELD
  • 29Roan vs Echo(Training Session) - The 100
  • 30Octavia vs Gaia - The 100
  • 31Guardian vs Metallo - Supergirl
  • 32Flash vs. Solovar - The Flash
  • 33Ray vs Damien(Sword Fight) - Legends Of Tomorrow
  • 34Jeremiah vs Martian Manhunter - Supergirl
  • 35Danny Vs Davos - Iron Fist
  • 36Supergirl Vs Superman - Supergirl

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