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Top 10 Anime Characters That Can Kill Instantly

Johan Liebert
Enlist those characters whose abilities makes them overpowered and allows them to easily kill downright anyone, with no regards to their physical capabilities or defenses.
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    1Light Yagami - Death Note
    killing method: Death Note; anyone whoe name he writes down in this notebook, if he knows the person's name and face, will die regardless of means and range; a clear pick for the #1 spot.

  • 2Zeref - Fairy Tail
    killing method: Death Magic; Zeref's special magic simply robs whatever it touches from its life force, killing it instantly. Plants wither and trees dry out in his presence. He is also the supposed creator of numerous evil relics, such as the Lullaby, a flute that kills anyone who hears its melody.

  • 3Lelouch vi Britannia - Code Geass
    killing method: Geass; Lelouch's power is the Seal of Absolute Obedience, activated upon eye-contact. when looked into the eye while the Geass is active, he can issue any command that the target will obey without hesitation, even if that command is "Die", which results in the target committing suicide.

  • 4Akame - Akame Ga Kill
    killing method: Imperial Arms Murasame; it's the sword Akame uses that can kill in a single hit; even if as much as a scratch is inflicted, the victim will die soon due to the cursed poison of the blade; it's so dangerous that tending the blade by Akame is life-threatening to herself.

  • 5Majin Boo - Dragonball Z
    killing method: Candy Beam & Absorption; Boo can fire a beam that turns whatever it hits into whatever he wants, usually candy and other sorts of food, which he then eats up. He can also absorb enemies by surrounding them with his pink play-doh-like bodyparts and fusing with it.

  • 6Saitama - One-Punch Man
    killing method: A single punch. No, seriously, that's it, that's Saitama's power. If he really wanted to kill you, he could, he would, and he will do it in a single punch.

  • 7Accelerator - A Certain Magical Index
    killing method: vector manipulation. Not to be confused with Lucy's Vectors, Accelerator can control the vectoral direction of any object or flow, including the bloodstream. One touch with a human being, and he can reverse the flow of the bloodstream to instantly cause... well, use your imagination.

  • 8Alluka Zoldyck - Hunter x Hunter
    killing method: failed request granting; Alluka is a somewhat odd character that functons as a wish granting device; she frequently asks people for requests, and after three granted requests she turns into "it" and grants one wish; however, if that person denies the requests four times... they are crushed to death by a mysterious force, and so is o

  • 9Hellscythe Eucliwood - Is This A Zombie?
    killing method: speaking; Eu's words can manifest in real life, so by saying "die", anyone that hears it dies instantly; that's why she rarely speaks and communicates via notepad.

  • 10Rei Ayanami - Neon Genesis Evangelion
    killing method: Instrumentality; in the End of Evangelion movie, Rei, fused with the Angel Lilith, created numerous clones of herself that could kill anyone by just touching them and turning them into primordial soup. Also, the Egg of Lilith can absorb all souls on the planet. Both of these were used to eradicate all of mankind during Third Impact.

  • 11Ryner Lute - Legend of the Legendary Heroes
    killing method: Solver of All Formulas; the Mad God residing within him can analyze any substance, living beings included, and disintegrate them to oblivion; this even worked against supposed divine anti-god artifacts;

  • 12Bagramon - Digimon Fusion
    killing method: Brave Snatcher; although not actually used in the show, Bagramon's right hand can syphon the life force of whatever it touches, and even corrupt entire worlds. His description also suggests he can tear an enemy's soul out of their bodies, then send them to either heaven or hell.

  • 13Lucy - Elfen Lied
    killing method: Vectors; that's what the invisible stretchable arms of Diclonius are called; they are immensely powerful, and can slice through pretty much anything and tear a human body apart! They can also phase through solid objects, allowing her to kill a victim by slightly moving a vein in their brain. The range of either skill is 2 m.

  • 14Kenshiro - Fist of the North Star
    killing method: pressure point; Kenshiro is an OP character that can kill any pponent by simply touching them in a certain point on their body, resulting in a "pressure point effect" that kills them gruesomely soon after.

  • 15Scar - Fullmetal Alchemist
    killing method: Hand of God; that's the name Scar gave to his right hand, which is ethed in tatoos containing an incomplete form of alchemy that disintegrates anything it touches without rearranging it. One touch can just as easily destroy walls and larger structures as it can kill a human.

  • 16Pillar Men - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    killing method: the Pillar Men (Wham, ACDC, Kars & Santana) can kill and absorb people, vampires and other living things through their skin, not even taking into account their bizarre abilities. The only way to protect yourselves from being absorbed is by using the Ripple.

  • 17Baraggan Louisenbairn - Bleach
    Also, why the hell is he the #2 Espada instead of Jackal?! He kills things by simply being there! I don't get it how Jackal is more powerful than that!
    killing method: corroding aging contact; I know I added Sui Fong as a representative for this series, but I'd like to retract that statement in favor of this guy, who's basically a Grim Reaper for Grim Reapers; anything in his wake ages rapidly until it fades away, it's a sure kill method!

  • 18Goku suggested byHaider Dar
    killing method: none; basically anyone else on the list can kill him, regardless of his strength and enduriance.
    I quote, "no regard to physical abilities or defenses". Goku is strong, but he has no instant kill moves.

  • 19Noise - Senki Zesshou Symphogear
    killing method: touching; not a defined ability, but anything unequiped with a Symphogear that these monsters touch dies within seconds by disintegration.

  • 20The Medium - Magi: Labyrinth of Magic
    killing method: Magoi Absorption; Magoi is something like a magical life force in this world, and is sustaining both life and magic. The Medium can absorb Magoi from his surroundings through physical contact, and absorbing too much can kill anything alive by literally tearing their bodies apart skin-first.

  • 21Kurumi Tokisaki - Date A Live
    killing method: time robbing; Kurumi can devour time from people around her, and add it to her own remaining lifetime, which in turn kills the victims; also, if she hits the enemy with her special Zayin bullet, it stops them in time, allowing her to finish them off with a simple headshot.

  • 22Gantz - Gantz

  • 23Sui-Fong - Bleach
    killing method: Suzumebachi; Sui-Fongs Zanpakuto (a Soul Reaper's sword) is a two-hit killer. If she hits the enemy in one spot, it leaves a butterfly-shaped mark only she can remove. If hit again in the same spot, the target will die without question.

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