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Top 10 Best Looking Video Game Consoles

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    1Playstation 2

  • 2GameCube

  • 3Playstation 4

  • 4PSP suggested byGodslayer79

  • 5Sega Genesis

  • 6Sega Dreamcast

  • 7Gameboy SP suggested byEthan Monma

  • 8Super Nintendo

  • 9Xbox 360 (Original and Slim) suggested byFastTquick

  • 10Gameboy Color suggested byEthan Monma

  • 11Nintendo 64 suggested byMikeyP

  • 12Playstation 3 Slim

  • 13ATARI 2600
    All about that woodgrain

  • 14New Nintendo 3DS suggested byEthan Monma
    You can change the faceplates.

  • 15Nintendo WiiU suggested byJohn Copeland

  • 16Gameboy DS Lite suggested byEthan Monma

  • 17Playstation 3 Original suggested byalmafeta
    Reviewers remarked that this was the fastest-looking console in history.

  • 18Nintendo DS Lite suggested byDaveVsTheWorld

  • 19Nintendo Wii suggested byJohn Copeland
    Not really? It's more like the dream of the "game console as VCR" reborn, harkening back to the original NES Deck days.

  • 20Xbox (Original) suggested byGodslayer79

  • 21Super Slim PlayStation 3 suggested bymac121mr0

  • 22Sony PlayStation Vita suggested bymac121mr0

  • 23SEGA Mark III

  • 24Panasonic 3D0
    Yeah, but I agree the Panasonic versions were the best-looking versions.
    The problem with this entry was the fact that the 3DO's hardware was licensed, and each company that produced a 3DO (Panasonic, Sanyo, Goldstar, Creative), and these companies turned out several designs each.

  • 25NEC PC-Engine suggested byFastTquick

  • 26Ouya suggested byalmafeta
    An art-deco cube with corners and smooth curves in one single unit.

  • 27Xperia Play suggested byalmafeta
    When previews came out, rumors immediately began that Microsoft or Nintendo were planning a cell phone; that's a statement to how avant-garde the portable console looked.

  • 28Amstrad GX4000 suggested byalmafeta
    A rare British game console, the GX4000's curved white-and-red design turned heads in an age of grey and black boxes. Unfortunately, the technically impressive, artistically standout design only sold 15 thousand units, proving rule #1 of consoles: Software, software, software.

  • 29FM Towns Marty suggested byalmafeta
    One of the first 32-bit consoles, with sleek curves.

  • 30Amiga CD32 suggested byalmafeta

  • 31N-Gage QD suggested byalmafeta
    The reissue of the N-Gage looked less like a taco, and more like a Star Trek communicator, trading in its sharp corners for sleek lines.

  • 323DO [Panasonic FZ-1] suggested byalmafeta
    The best of the 3DOs, the columns on the edge made the console resemble a temple - not an unapt comparison, seeing as the console was larger than all its competitors at the time.

  • 33Sony Playstation suggested bySassiTheKitty

  • 34Super Famicon suggested byMikeyP

  • 35Super Famicom suggested byEthan Monma

  • 36Xbox One suggested byShawn Mark

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