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Top 10 Cartoon Characters That Stole The Show From Everyone Else

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    1Brian and Stewie-Family Guy
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  • 2Rook-Ben 10 Omniverse
    A lot of fans have been quick to point out the fact that in the end, Ben's new partner in Omniverse, Rook, ended up actually stealing even more Ben's screentime than Gwen and Kevin ever did.
    Even though Ben's alien form Jetray and his teammates Gwen and Kevin were demoted to extra to taking too much focus of the show when the writers wanted to focus on Ben himself.
  • 3Blue Beetle and Impulse-Young Justice
    ut it's hard to deny that they got a lot more attention than the other season two newbies, let alone the main six from season one. Justified by their comparative importance to the plot in a rather extensive cast, but still, couldn't they sacrifice one or two of their episodes to give Batgirl something to do?
  • 4Ice Dancers and Police Cadets in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race
    The first are the most focused on pairing, placing no worse than third in the first eight episodes, and they're the Big Bads of the first season, while the cadet are the most active in trying to stop them.
  • 5Duncan, Heather, and Owen-Total Drama Island
    Duncan, Heather, and Owen have the highest episode counts out of all of the contestants in the series. All three of them have made it to the final five of the first season without returning, Duncan and Owen have also been some of the few contestants to return in the game. All three of them were also finalists, which means that in certain countries
  • 6Princess Sally-Sonic SATam
    Princess Sally leaned more and more into center stage to the point only she and Sonic seemed to have involvement in the majority of missions.
  • 7Muscle Man-Regular Show
    Muscle Man from Regular Show is slowly becoming this. Almost every episode now days features him in a major way. He also appears in almost every preview for an episode, even if it did not feature him majorly. What's worse, his partner High Five Ghost, had received no Day in the Limelight episode after Season 4 began.
  • 8Varrick-The Legend Of Korra
    Varrick gets an incredibly large number of screen-time come book 4. With a handful of small cameos in book 3, for the final season he took center-stage and it is noticeable. Many fans agree that as entertaining and funny as a character he is, the fact he got more focus, development and screen-time compared to characters such as Mako or Asami
  • 9Elise-Dan Vs.
  • 10Robin-Teen Titans Go
    The VA who plays Cyborg admitted that RObin was getting too many focus episodes.
  • 11Denzel Crocker, Timmy's dad, Cosmo, and Foop from The Fairly OddParents!

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