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Top 10 Cartoons That Were Cancelled for Ridiculous Reasons

We're looking at beloved cartoons that we loved as kids, but they didn't last long for reasons that still don't make sense today. Whether it was scandal, controversy, or...misquotes? REALLY!?!
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    1Warner Bros. At It Again (Teen Titans)
    According to Wil Wheaton, the voice of Aqualad, new bosses came in at Warner Bros. and forced the Teen Titans producers to give season six to them. Apparently, these Warner executives didn't like what they had planned and declined to green-light the show for another season.

  • 2Too Many Girls liked the show, than Boys (Young Justice)

  • 3Ooh! Scary! (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
    Some say that the show was too scary for kids, which can be a logical answer. Meanwhile, others say that there was some sort of "symbolism" between two female characters and domestic violence in one episode titled, "The Mask."

  • 4Blame The Live-Action Film (Green Lantern: The Animated Series)

  • 5One Bad Movie (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)
    Jimmy Neutron was made by the production company DNA Productions. Their film, The Ant Bully bombed in theaters, costing $50 million to make and only grossing $55 million. It bombed so hard that DNA Productions was actually forced to go out of business.

  • 6Unrealistic Fever Dreams (Gargoyles)
    "It did well enough to the degree that it could be considered a hit," but Disney really wanted it to outdo Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and it failed to succeed at that." That's right, a show about statues coming to life and fighting evil didn't top a campy show about teenagers in tights fighting ninjas, so it was canned.
    To put it bluntly, there's a reason "The Goliath Chronicles" counts as non-canon.

  • 7Nobody’s Toying With You (Sym-Bionic Titan)
    Even worse they couldn't secure a toy line because it had a female lead. Now that's sexist.
    This show was competitive with other shows at the time and failed to secure a toy line.

  • 8Phantoms can't print money (Danny Phantom)
    The show had become too expensive to continue making. Nickelodeon didn't want to pay the producers more.

  • 9Nobody Buying the Toys - GI Joe Renegades suggested byRazorRex
    The same reason why some good Cartoon Network Shows in the early 2010s got cancelled.

  • 10Scheduling Problems - Godzilla The Series suggested byRazorRex

  • 11It had Guns - The Legend of Calamity Jane suggested byRazorRex

  • 12Networks preferred Captain Planet!?! Really!?! (Road Rovers)
    Sorry, still not fair for people who loved Road Rovers. It was great and a classic.
    I love that show. It was great!

  • 13Unclear ending (Life and Times of Juniper Lee)

  • 14Better Than The Original, But Short-Lived (ThunderCats)
    The time slots were inconsistent, resulting in low ratings.

  • 15Executives Wanted an Ensemble Cast of Characters (Pinky and the Brain) suggested byFastTquick
    i heard about elmyra, she ruined the show

  • 16It didn't belong on Disney (Doug)
    While the Disney version of Doug lasted from 1996 through 1999, the show didn't have the same sparkle as it had when it was on Nickelodeon.

  • 17Spidey couldn't compete with Pokemon? (Spider-Man Unlimited)

  • 18When The Reboot Wasn't Painful (Ben 10: Omniverse)
    The production costs were too high, which eventually ended the show too soon. What happened after that? We got an awful reboot that is just too annoying.

  • 19Moved to the Wrong Time Block (Animaniacs) suggested byFastTquick
    We're not talking about upcoming reboots, it's just ORIGINAL cartoons.
    Since the Animaniacs are rebooting on Hulu, this wouldn't happen, hopefully.

  • 20Disney is just plain stupid in their decisions (The Spectacular Spider-Man & The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes)
    To capitalize on the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books and the Avengers movie, they decided to cancel these wonderful cartoons so they can make cartoons based on those properties. IDIOTS!

  • 21No Toys - Various Cartoon Network Shows in early 2010s suggested byM Khan
    You have to give us a cartoon program, not the network.

  • 22Animators And Producers Grew Too Angry (The Angry Beavers)
    The show already faced some issues with Nickelodeon by racy content and the implication of crude language.
    they also were under fire for the 4th wall breaks

  • 23Cartoon Network Wanted to Give More Airtime to Other Cartoons (Megas XLR) suggested byFastTquick

  • 24A Monstrously Bad Decision (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)

  • 25It got cancelled apparently (Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?)
    The original creator left and there was lack of support.

  • 26It didn't have a toy-line (Symbiotic Titan) suggested byBrian Walsh

  • 27Failure to Negotiate (Wolverine and the X-Men)

  • 28Wanting to spend their time on the "sequel series" instead (Spider-Man the animated series)

  • 29They wanted to focus on the Justice League series (Batman Beyond)

  • 30Sony's Confusing Rights (Spectacular Spiderman) suggested byCyberdalek1717

  • 31The network didn't want to lose their status of having the highest ratings with young boys (Phantom Investigators) suggested byDaji

  • 32sonic couldn't compete with power rangers? (sonic SATAM) suggested byGabriel Gomez

  • 33Just A Few Protests (Garbage Pail Kids the animated series)
    the show was protested by several major organizations, including Action for Children's Television and the Christian Leaders for Responsible Television. The cause of the protest was partly due to the sick nature of the series, but also because it was said the show ridiculed the handicapped and glorified bad behavior.

  • 34Low ratings due to bad time slot - Futurama (Fox era) suggested byzendaddy621

  • 35Unclear ending and a cliffhanger!?! Come on! (Static Shock)

  • 36It Couldn't Compare to the Original (Speed Racer: The Next Generation)

  • 37Walmart only wanted specific Transformers toys on their shelves (Transformers Animated) suggested byDaji

  • 38too violent (swat kats) suggested byGabriel Gomez

  • 39controversy with drugs (Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures) suggested byGabriel Gomez

  • 40box office flop (hey arnold!) suggested byGabriel Gomez

  • 41Disagreements (Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
    There were disagreements between executive producer Avi Arad and network head Margaret Loesch. Not low ratings, it's all their fault!

  • 42Budget Cuts (Megaman the animated series)

  • 43Erratic airing schedule (The Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes)

  • 44disney says: 2 season are enought (wander over yonder) suggested byGabriel Gomez
    nowadays, everything on disney lasts 4 seasons or less lol

  • 45Captain planet suggested byPaul Ortchanian
    We need to also have a reason why the cartoon was cancelled.

  • 46Not being educational enough (Various of Shows) suggested byMargaret Rd
    We need a cartoon, otherwise this doesn't count.

  • 47Voltron Force suggested byJohnny Fountains
    The ORIGINAL Voltron Force was an anime, not a cartoon. You also didn't give a reason why the CARTOON REBOOT was cancelled.

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