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Top 10 Characters based on Real Life People

also part of: top 10 characters that are based on real people
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    1Charles Foster Kane (Based on William Randolph Hearst) - Citizen Kane suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
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  • 2Nick Fury (Based on Samuel L. Jackson) - Ultimate Marvel
  • 3Apollo Creed (Based on Muhammad Ali) - Rocky suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 4Johnny Cage (Based on Jean Claude Van Damme) - the Mortal Kombat series
  • 5Harry Callahan (Based on Dave Toschi) - Dirty Harry suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 6Frank Costello (Based on Whitey Bulger) - The Departed suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 7Basil Fawlty (Based on Donald Sinclair) Fawlty Towers suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 8Norman Bates (Based on Ed Gein) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 9Travis Bickle (Based on Arthur Bremer) - Taxi Driver suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 10Jeff Lebowski (Based on Jeff Dowd) - The Big Lebowski suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 11Solid Snake (Based on Michael Biehn, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and Jean Claude Van Damme) - the Metal Gear series
  • 12Jill Valentine (Based on Julia Voth) - Resident Evill (Game Cude Remake)
  • 13Balrog (Based on Mike Tyson) - the Street Fighter series
  • 14Lei Wulong (Based on Jackie Chan) - the Tekken series
  • 15Sonya Blade (Based on Cynthia Rothrock) - the Mortal Kombat series
  • 16Rocky Balboa (Based on Joe Frazier and Chuck Wepner) suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 17Vince Hanna & Neil McCauley (Based on Chuck Adamson and Neil McCauley) - Heat suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 18Sherlock (Based on Dr. Joseph Bell) - Sherlock suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 19Ali G (Based on Tim Westwood) - Ali G Show suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 20Don Draper (Based on Draper Daniels) - Mad Men suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 21Jimmy Dugan (Based on Jimmie Foxx) - A League of Their Own suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 22Indiana Jones (Based on Hiram Bingham III) - Raiders of the Lost Ark suggested byMikeMJPMUNCH
  • 23Various (Based on Bruce Lee)
  • 24Fandral (Based on Errol Flyon) - Marvel
  • 25Dee Jay (Based on Billy Blanks) - the Street Fighter series
  • 26John Milner & Walter Sobchak (Based on John Milius) - American Graffiti & The Big Lebowski suggested byHenners250
  • 27Ursula (based on Divine) - The Little Mermaid suggested byconsiderthejosh


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