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Top 10 Cliches Of Post Apocalyptic Movies And TV Shows

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    1A Group That Is Made Up Of Only One Gender
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  • 2Armor Made From Sports Gear And Other Things
  • 3Cannibals
  • 4The Lone Survivor
  • 5A Group Of Survivors Formed From Complete Strangers
  • 6A Character Trying To Find Or Protect Their Family
  • 7Moral Debates
    Debates About Killing, Stealing, Punishment, Trust
  • 8Protecting Or Finding The Last Hope For Humanity
  • 9Living In A Confined Space
  • 10Society Ran By A Dictatorship
  • 11Everybody Is Distrustful Of Each Other
  • 12Pragmatic Characters Who Do Questionable Things To Survive
  • 13Elemental Or Non Human Threats
    Like Zombies,Aliens, Radiation, Bad Weather, Disease
  • 14A Society Influenced By Ancient History
  • 15Characters That Are Pacifists
    These Characters Tie In With The Moral Debates As They Refuse To Kill Even When It Is Necessary And Try To Convince The Others To Do The Same
  • 16Characters Go Insane
  • 17Technology Or Places Made Out Of Trash And Junk
  • 18Fighting Over Gasoline,Water, Food, Or Other Recourses
  • 19Cults
  • 20Characters Wearing Leather
  • 21Characters Wearing Face Paint
  • 22Pregnant Woman suggested bypopculturejunkie261@

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