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Top 10 Death Battles

And the comedy from the Wiz and Boomstick in that episode should also count. The harder you laugh the higher the score.
Brutal Finishers get extra points.
Videos where Screw Attack analyses who would kick whose ass when those 2 character fight. Best Death Battle should also include the fight scene itself, so the more epic the animation the better.
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    1Goku vs Superman
    The greatest, most epic, and most controversal battle to date! Also made DBZ fans show their true faces. BTW, Superman wins, suck it up.

  • 2Deadpool vs Deathstroke suggested byZ-ro

  • 3Batman vs Spider-man
    Spider-Man's Spider-Sense negates Batman's stealth tactics, making him easier to find in the dark.

  • 4Terminator vs Robocop

  • 5Link vs Cloud
    Filled with bfast pace action that will not stop and the two best swordsmen in video game history that will wanting more each second

  • 6Mario vs Sonic

  • 7Pokemon Battle Royale suggested bySelenaGomezFan10001

  • 8Godzilla VS Gamera suggested bySelenaGomezFan10001

  • 9Kirby vs Majin Buu suggested byZ-ro

  • 10Solid Snake Vs Sam Fisher suggested byBloodedge

  • 11CHUCK NORRIS vs SEGATA SANSHIRO suggested byJonathan Morris

  • 12TMNT Battle Royale suggested bySelenaGomezFan10001

  • 13Iron Man vs Lex Luthor suggested byZ-ro

  • 14He-Man vs Lion-o suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 15Ryu vs Scorpion suggested byZ-ro

  • 16Fox vs Bucky suggested byZ-ro

  • 17Starscream vs Rainbow Dash
    A pony, a baby ass girl toy... Why is it so awesome?
    it's commonly about Starscream's humiliation when he got beaten by none other then the pegasus pony Rainbow Dash

  • 18Felicia vs Taokata suggested byZ-ro

  • 19Kratos vs Spawn suggested byZ-ro

  • 20Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter suggested byZ-ro

  • 21Vegeta vs Shadow

  • 22Akuma vs Shang Tsung suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 23Eggman vs Wily suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 24Ryu Hayabusa vs Strider Hiryu suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 25Leonardo vs Zitz suggested byZ-ro

  • 26Sonic vs Mario suggested byZ-ro

  • 27Thor vs Raiden suggested byZ-ro

  • 28Toph vs Gaara (Coming Soon) suggested byZ-ro
    i typed it before it happened and 2 she CAN sense the earth EVEN WHEN IT'S NOT CONNECT TO THE GROUND aren't you even listening
    Toph VS Gaara
    Already happened... Cartoon characters are really overpowered. I mean how does she even know where the rock is if it's in the air? it's IMPOSSIBLE...(stupid extra info)

  • 29Goku vs Superman II suggested byMjlyden

  • 30pokemon vs digemon suggested byluigiman

  • 31Masterchief vs Doomguy

  • 32Yoshi vs Riptor
    A bit of a boring animation fight.

  • 33Captain America vs Batman suggested byZ-ro
    FACT: Batman dug himself out of a grave 6 ft underground, while in a straight jacket, sleep deprived for several days, coked up on dozens of drugs and Joker toxin.

  • 34Donkey Kong vs Knuckles suggested byBobbyBoss

  • 35Goku Vs Superman 1 & 2 suggested byKnightPhantom

  • 36Yang vs Tifa suggested byAlex Canas

  • 37Hulk vs Doomsday suggested byJuan Carlos Diaz Platas

  • 38Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui

  • 39Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black suggested bySelenaGomezFan10001

  • 40Haggar vs Zangief suggested byZ-ro

  • 41Nightmare vs Guts suggested byZ-ro

  • 42Wolverine Vs Raiden suggested bySimon Stewart

  • 43Hercule Satan vs Dan Hibiki suggested byJuan Carlos Diaz Platas

  • 44Pikachu vs. Blanka suggested byiKhan

  • 45Tigerzord VS Gundam Epyon suggested bySelenaGomezFan10001

  • 46Shao Kahn vs M. Bison suggested byLeo Lazar Jakšić

  • 47Tigerzord vs Epyon suggested byZ-ro

  • 48Sol Badguy vs Ragna suggested byZ-ro

  • 49Goomba vs Koopa suggested byZ-ro
    The actual fight was better than expected, while they were both stupid they put up a heck of a fight.

  • 50Rouge vs Wonder Woman suggested byZ-ro

  • 51Bomberman vs Dig Dug suggested byZ-ro

  • 52Tails vs Luigi suggested byZ-ro

  • 53Peach vs Zelda suggested byZ-ro

  • 54Ivy vs Orchid suggested byZ-ro
    It's funny, and Orchids combo is terrifying... like a machine gun of kicks.

  • 55Folgore vs Sektor suggested byZ-ro

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