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Top 10 Details The Harry Potter Films Left Out

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    1Peeves the Poltergeist - Every Book

  • 2The Hogwarts House Elves & S.P.E.W. - The Goblet of Fire
    And the removal of Winky.

  • 3"Have a biscuit, Potter" - The Order of the Pheonix
    And most of Mcgonagall scenes in the 5th movie

  • 4Celebrating the Dark Lord's Defeat - The Sorceror's Stone

  • 5The Blast-Ended Skrewts - The Goblet of Fire

  • 6Dumbledore's Funeral - The Half-Blood Prince

  • 7Dumbledore's Portrait - The Deathly Hallows

  • 8Memories of the Gaunts and Riddles - The Half-Blood Prince

  • 9Neville's Importance in the Prophecy - The Order of the Pheonix

  • 10"I don't think you're a waste of space." - The Deathly Hallows

  • 11Fudge meeting the Muggle Prime Minister-Half Blood Prince suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 12Harry and Ginny eattting chocolate in the library and getting caught-Phoenix suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 13Percy Weasley abandons the Weasleys (Phoenix, Half-Blood, Hallows) suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 14Filch's squib status and whether or not if had thing for Madam Pince suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 15Professor Binns suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 16Fleur Vs Molly plot arc-Half Blood suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 17Regulas Black/Kreacher's redemption suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 18Day use of the Knight Bus-Phoenix suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 19Charlie Weasley- only mentioned/seen in photo. suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 20Quidditch matches removed from Stone, Azkaban, Goblet (World cup match) and Phoenix suggested byMatthew LaRue

  • 21Lupin and Tonk's Relationship issues- Half-Blood, Hallows suggested byMatthew LaRue

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