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Top 10 Disney Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit

I am not sure if lucasfilm And MCU properties count for this list
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    1Various moments- Star Wars: The Last Jedi suggested byJacob Koopmann
    Leia Poppins, the hyperspace ramming, Rose saving Finn, Snoke getting killed off, the yo mamma jokes, and the identity politics.
    The entire plot related to Finn and killing of Luke
    Does this really count because it was made by lucasfilm. I thought we were taking about mainstream Disney and Pixar movies
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  • 2Various moments- Maleficent (2014) suggested byHannah Johnston
    The implied rape, Aurora being even more one dimensional, the ending feeling like a superhero movie, the cliched love, and of course the greatest animated Disney Villainess being turned nice!
    Be more specific please

  • 3Hans is Really a Bad Guy - Frozen suggested byRazorRex
    Oh I don't know maybe NO ONE or the Duke of Weselton! Because Hans being a villain was something that was shoehorned in at the last 15 minutes! Hans fails as a twist villain as explained by this video:
    Who did you want to be the bad guy in that film? By making him a villain, Disney shifted away from the obviously evil trope

  • 4The Siamese cats - Lady And The Tramp suggested byAnonymous
    These twin cats broke things in the house and framed Lady for it resulting in her getting muzzled. They are also racist stereotypes that are offensive towards Asians
    They also get away with what they have done scot free

  • 5Mad Hatter Breakdance - Alice in Wonderland (2010) suggested byTheOfficialNetherBoy
    Why is that bad?

  • 6The Introdouction and Continued Presence of Buck Cluck - Chicken Little suggested byRazorRex
    He is only loves his son when other people do! He is the sole reason why many consider Chicken Little the WORST Disney movie!
    He is a HORRIBLE father!
    How do you know he was meant to be hated? Also the is RazorRex not 'razored'
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  • 7Mater taking over as the protagonist - Cars 2 suggested byAnonymous Make Your Case
  • 8Charles Turning Evil - A Wrinkle In Time suggested byRazorRex
    It was just cringe worthy.
    Why is that bad?
    I haven't seen the movie so I don't know why people say that it's cringe worthy

  • 9The portrayal of Native Americans in neverland - Peter Pan suggested byAnonymous
    They were portrayed as racist Native American stereotype caricatures that were offensive towards native Americans

  • 10The presentation of Sunflower - Fantasia suggested byAnonymous
    When that film originally came out, it featured a centaur who was a blatant racist stereotype on African Americans. She was removed and censored in the DVD editions

  • 11The presentation of the crows - Dumbo suggested byAnonymous
    They are considered to be racist stereotypes of African Americans

  • 12Uncle Remus - Song of the South suggested byTheMichaelCityMaker
    This film today is considered to be extremely racist and offending African Americans. It was a film that Disney is not proud of and it is very hard to find today

  • 13Game shutting down - Toontown Online suggested byDaji
    That is a game not a movie

  • 14Game shutting down - Club Penguin suggested byDaji Make Your Case
  • 15The magic sword breaks - The Black Cauldron suggested byAnonymous
    Giving up Dyrnwyn was something NOBLE. He was willing to give his most prized possession so he find the Black Cauldron.
    The Dyrnwyn didn't break Taran gave it to the witches in exchange for the Black Cauldron! Watch the movie again!
    I meant taran
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  • 16Anastasia and Drizella Tear Up Cinderella's Dress For The Prince's Royal Ball - Cinderella (1950) suggested byVia The Yoshi #1 Est. 2002 Make Your Case
  • 17King Triton Destroys Ariel's Collection of Human Object - The Little Mermaid (1989) suggested byVia The Yoshi #1 Est. 2002 Make Your Case

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