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Top 10 Dream Movie/Comicbook Crossovers (Any Genre)

Even though they may have faced each other in a comic book, they make good movies
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    1The Avengers vs the Justice League
    Nerds everywhere UNITE! Imagine what would lead up to this, many different occurences could make the Earth's mightiest heros battle the JLA. Batman could disturb something in Stark towers, or perhaps someone on either side of the teams gets injured and then they blame each other for it. There are so many different ways this could become real. Agai

  • 2Micheal Myers vs Leatherface
    What would win? A Chainsaw, brute strength or a bowie knife? Horror mvie goers have wanted this fight since Freddy vs Jason. Think of what could happen! Micheal Myers could be killing teens around Leatherfaces house or perhaps Leatherface attends a Halloween massacre. We seen them both in videogames ranging from Call of Duty to Mortal Kombat, why n

  • 3Freddy vs Jason 2
    Hell returns to Elm Street, that sounds like a good slogan for this EPIC movie crossover sequel. Even though Freddy and Jason both "died" in the first film, what if by some slew of magic they come back and reek hell around Camp Crystal Lake or Elm Street? There will be blood, lots and lots of blood.

  • 4Predator vs Alien 3
    The perfect Sci-Fi battle. This crossover has already had two amazing movies in it's belt of a franchise, why not make a third one? What if Dutch comes back and leads another team into the jugle where the two species are at war with each other? What if the girl from the first AvP returns with him? What if the Queen isnt dead? There are so many ques

  • 5Blair Witch Project/REC
    The evil in both these movies just has to combine. REC was a spanish film that had demons instead of Zombies and Blair Witch is getting it's third film this year, why not, right? Imagine some film crew finding the camera that belonged to the exlorers in BWP 1 and end up watching the footage, and they compare it to REC's footage and end up going to

  • 6Men in Black/21 Jump Street

  • 7Terminator vs Robocop

  • 8Happy Gilmore/Tooth Fairy

  • 9Childs Play/Annabelle

  • 10Mad Max/Zombieland

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