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Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Power Rangers

  • 1The Thunder Rangers believe Lothor - Power Rangers Ninja Storm
    It's the equivalent to a Jew watching his friends and family members getting killed during The Holocaust, before coming to the 'brilliant' conclusion that Hitler must be a hero!
    Thunder Rangers, Blake and Hunter, joined Lothor after Lothor attacked their school and captured all the teachers and students. When Lothor discovered that Hunter and Blake were Power Rangers, he tricked them into joining him by telling them the lie that the sensei of the wind ninja academy killed their parents. And they believed him. Why???

  • 2Taking Jenji for granted - Power Rangers Mystic Force
    Refernce Episode 'Dark Wish'

  • 3Overdrive Rangers give up after losing their ranger powers - Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
    Reference Episode 'Once a Ranger'

  • 4Jayden just leaves after Lauren arrives - Power Rangers Super Samurai
    and thus putting himself in harm by having to face Deker alone. Then, the other rangers miss Jayden and make Lauren feel unappreciated.

  • 5Ivan Ooze just orders the brainwashed parents to commit suicide - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
    I don't know. Maybe... keep them as hostages for leverage? Use them to fight the Power Rangers for them? A billion other reasons???
    How was that dumb, that's a classic movie villain act; to get rid of the slaves after they out lived their usefulness

  • 6Trip believing Nadira - Power Rangers Time Force suggested byDirector22 Make Your Case
  • 7Jason Fails Get the Green Candle in Time - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers suggested byAlton007 Make Your Case
  • 8Creating the Venjix Virus - Power Rangers RPM suggested byBlack Jesus Make Your Case
  • 9Dumbest Person in Power Rangers ever - Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
    The woman says 'There's no such thing as monsters'
    Watch Linkara's HOPR Lightspeed Rescue part 2, at 1:32

  • 10Jason Becomes The Gold Ranger - Power Rangers Zeo suggested byAlton007 Make Your Case
  • 11Justin is a New Blue Ranger - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie suggested byAlton007 Make Your Case
  • 12Trent and Anton keep Mesogog's identity a secret from the other rangers - Power Rangers Dino Thunder Make Your Case
  • 13Wes' Identity Exposed - Power Rangers Time Force suggested byBlack Jesus
    That wasn't a decision, the lense on his helmet broke and his dad recognized him

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