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Top 10 Friendship Moments on Victorious

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    1Jade & Robbie Help Out Cat After Finding Out She Was Living In The School's Attic Because She Was Temporarily Homeless After Her Brother Was Institutionalized - Star-Spangled Tori Make Your Case
  • 2Tori Goes Out of Her Way To Find Money To Produce Jade's Play, Cat Plays a Role In Jade's Play, & The Gang Find a Way To Keep Mrs. Lee from Going to Her Funded Play - Wok Star Make Your Case
  • 3The Trapped Gang Sing a Song Together To Soothe Their Sweating Pain Before Cat Valentine Saves The Day - Survival of the Hottest Make Your Case
  • 4Tori and Jade Set Aside Their Differences To Retaliate At Guys Harassing Them By Singing ''Take a Hint'' & Cat and Robbie Team Up To Deliver Sad News Songs - Tori & Jade's Play Date Make Your Case
  • 5The Gang Furiously Declare That They're Leaving Karaoke Dokie After The Owner Bans Cat and Jade From Ever Singing There Again - Freak the Freak Out Make Your Case
  • 6All of The Gang's Thought Out Secret Santa Gift Exchanges - A Christmas Tori Make Your Case
  • 7The Gang Rides The Party Bus With Tori & Rap the Karoke Version of ''5 Fingaz to the Face'' to School - Driving Tori Crazy Make Your Case
  • 8Tori Couldn't Kiss Beck Because She Still Respects Jade As a Friend & Jade Later Gives Tori Back Her Role at the Platinum Music Awards - Tori Goes Platinum Make Your Case
  • 9The Gang Confronts Principal Helen About Tori Leaving Hollywood Arts - Helen Back Again Make Your Case
  • 10Jade, Robbie, & Beck Feel Bad About Cat Crying Over Carl Gibbon's Accidentally Damaged Home & Beck Advises Everybody Quickly Take Cover While Protecting Cat From an Earthquake - Andre's Horrible Girl Make Your Case
  • 11The Whole Gang Performs The Jackson 5's ''I Want You Back'' Together In Jail - Locked Up! Make Your Case
  • 12The Gang Dresses Up in Delicious Costumes To Sing About Favorite Foods As The Diddly Bops - The Diddly-Bops Make Your Case
  • 13The Gang Work Together As a Team Scooping Buckets of Ice Cream To Win a Private Ke$ha Concert - Ice Cream for Ke$ha Make Your Case
  • 14The Gang Is There For Robbie and Rex at the Hospital - Rex Dies Make Your Case
  • 15Tori Donates 3 Whole Pints of Blood Just To Make Robbie's Surgery Happen - Tori Gets Stuck Make Your Case
  • 16Tori and Jade Drive Cat To Her Favorite Actress Mona Patterson In Order to Honor Her Death With a Candle - Car, Rain & Fire Make Your Case
  • 17Tori Teams Up With Cat In Order To Get Beck's First Film Job Back By Sneaking Backstage - Beck's Big Break Make Your Case
  • 18Jade Always Goes To Tori Whenever She is Upset - Various Episodes Make Your Case
  • 19Tori Sacrifices Herself To Save The Gang From The Vice Principal Mr. Dickers - The Breakfast Brunch Make Your Case
  • 20The Gang Strategically Try a Secret Sale Sleepover - Wanko's Warehouse Make Your Case
  • 21Tori Pretends To Be Andre's Grandma In Order To Help Him Write Music - The Bad Roommate Make Your Case
  • 22The Gang Shows Up To Tori's Stunt Gig In Order To Support Her - Beck Falls for Tori Make Your Case

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