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Top 10 Graphic Novels Of All Time

In fact, comics released as issues at first should be excluded too. Also, this list should definitely not just have superhero comics.
No comics released as series (a la Scott Pilgrim) Only comics released as one volume (or two)
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    1Watchmen suggested byTristan Cannon
    Why wouldn't this be number one?

  • 2The Dark Knight Returns suggested byTristan Cannon

  • 3Batman: Killing Joke suggested byAustin Devine
    Do we really need that many Alan Moore novels? Watchmen's gonna be number one. How about some diversity?
    I added "Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers" down below. Alan Moore himself claimed it to be a great graphic novel. I myself have read it, and it's really strange! But great, nonetheless.

  • 4V for Vendetta suggested byAlexander David Bourns
    No way should it be above Sin City.

  • 5Sin City suggested byAlexander David Bourns
    Same goes for Frank Miller.

  • 6Maus suggested byJuan Carlos Diaz Platas
    This is the first graphic novel i ever read (in middle school - too young?), and it had a massive impact on me. This NEEDS to be on the list.

  • 7Persepolis suggested byJuan Carlos Diaz Platas
    Amazing Novel. Enough Said.

  • 8Batman: Year One suggested byJake Fraser

  • 9Sandman suggested byAkwilla

  • 10Ghost World suggested bylv

  • 11Fun Home suggested byNana Amuah
    The heartbreaking autobiographical story of cartoonist Allison Bechdel coming to terms with her sexuality as opposed to her gay dad, who commits suicide.

  • 12A Contract with God suggested byNana Amuah
    One of the first ones, made by the legendary Will Eisner. 'Nuff said.

  • 13Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth suggested byNana Amuah

  • 14Batman: The Long Halloween suggested byJake Fraser

  • 15Scott Pilgrim suggested byLumiLys
    More of a series TBH. Great, but not really a "graphic novel".
    In the far off land of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim is dating a High Schooler. Scott is dating Kives Chau, as Chinese girl who attends a Catholic School. He then meets Amrican Romana Flowers and begins to date her, two problems: 1: He didn't break up with Knives first, and 2: In order to be with Romona, Scott must beat her seven evil exs. A grou

  • 16Blankets suggested byNana Amuah
    Brilliant. Beautiful.

  • 17Bone suggested byTimothy Champlin

  • 18The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen suggested byzendaddy621

  • 19300 suggested bylv

  • 20X-Men: Days of Future Past suggested byTy Longmire-Monford

  • 21Alice In Sunderland suggested bylv

  • 22Batman: Arkham Asylum suggested bylv

  • 23The X-Men :God loves...Man Kills suggested byMike Smith

  • 24Daredevil-Born Again suggested byTimothy Champlin

  • 25Batman: The Court of Owls suggested byGodslayer79

  • 26From Hell suggested bylv

  • 27Marvels (New Printing) suggested bylv

  • 28Sandman: Volume 1: Preludes And Nocturnes suggested bylv

  • 29Hellblazer: Volume 1: Original Sins suggested bylv

  • 30Preacher: Volume 1: Gone To Texas suggested bylv

  • 31The Tale Of One Bad Rat suggested bylv

  • 32Y The Last Man: Volume 1: Unmanned suggested bylv

  • 33Ex Machina: Volume 1: The First Hundred Days suggested bylv

  • 34Ed the Happy Clown suggested byNana Amuah

  • 35Planet Hulk (Greg Pak) suggested byRebecca Kerr

  • 36Invincible suggested byAustin Devine

  • 37Spawn suggested byAustin Devine

  • 38Tank Girl: Volume 1 suggested bylv

  • 392000AD: Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files: Volume 1 suggested bylv

  • 40Hellboy: Library Edition Volume 1: Seed Of Destruction/Wake The Devil suggested bylv

  • 41The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Volume 1 suggested bylv

  • 42Powers: Volume 1: Who Killed Retro Girl? suggested bylv

  • 43All-Star Superman suggested byAlan Sunter

  • 44Kick-Ass suggested byTheterribletuber Liv
    To be honest? The movie's actually BETTER.

  • 45Batman: Dark Victory suggested byJake Fraser

  • 4630 Days of Night suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 47Felidae- A novel of Cats and Murder suggested byAlice Stevenson

  • 48Ultimates: Volume 1: Super-Human suggested bylv

  • 49Criminal: Omnibus (Deluxe Edition) suggested bylv

  • 50100 Bullets: Volume 1: First Shot Last Call suggested bylv

  • 51Palomar: The Heartbreak Soup Stories suggested bylv

  • 52DMZ: Volume 1: On The Ground suggested bylv

  • 53Our Cancer Year suggested byNana Amuah

  • 54Fax from Sarajevo suggested byNana Amuah

  • 55Star Wars Blood Ties suggested byEdward Antonowicz

  • 56Usagi Yojimbo suggested bySieffy13

  • 57JLA/Avengers suggested bySpokanebear

  • 58V fro Vendetta suggested byAlexander David Bourns

  • 59Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers suggested byHollis Pierman (rena
    A weird one-off by John Harris Dunning with illustrations by the weirdly talented Nikhil Singh, this graphic novel follows closely the boy Salem Brownstone, who must defend the world from other-worldly creatures after he inherits his father's home.

  • 60Hard Boiled

  • 61Dead Run

  • 62Fables suggested byMario Borrayo Jr.

  • 63The Unwritten suggested byMario Borrayo Jr.

  • 64Wytches suggested byMario Borrayo Jr.

  • 65Saga suggested byAnonymous

  • 66Tank Girl suggested byDylanthemole

  • 67Black Hole suggested byDylanthemole

  • 68Sluggy Freelance suggested byNana Amuah
    oops, downvote, wrong list :(

  • 69Watchmen suggested byJustin Kennon

  • 70watchmen suggested byjoebob96

  • 71The Walking Dead suggested byAustin Devine
    A series. People just upvoted the name without knowing what the list was about. Walking Dead is not a graphic novel.

  • 72Kick-Ass 2 suggested byTheterribletuber Liv

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