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Top 10 Hilariously Awful Movie Fights

The film shouldn't be terrible as overall, but the fight scene should be hilariously bad
I'd stick to accidentally, otherwise parody films would easily dominate this list.
Accidentally or deliberately bad?
Terrible movies with terrible fights
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    1Samurai Cop (1989) - Sped up sword swings
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  • 2Godzilla vs. Megalon - Godzilla does a long range drop kick. suggested byMichael Ross
  • 3The Last Airbender - Earthbenders do the Macarena. suggested byMichael Ross
    Okay, so it doesn't look that much like the Macarena, but come on, there are hundreds of equally hilarious songs you could fill in over that!
  • 4Undefeatable (1993) - Crazed Martial Arts Rapist
  • 5Mr. No Legs (1979) - he does a lot of his enforcing from a wheelchair on the count of having no legs
  • 6Gymkata (1985) - hilarity of watching Thomas use gymnastics to kick random villagers in their faces
  • 7Gymkata (1985) - Kurt Thomas can knock you down simply via the sheer force of performing a back-flip near you
  • 8The Room suggested bylv
  • 9Pineapple Express suggested byhdmexiqtioner
  • 10Blood Hands (1990) - weak training montage followed by a fight scene of equal idiocy
  • 11Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987) - horrible acting, and stupid monologue that precedes are almost as hilarious as the actual struggle
  • 12Night of the Kickfighters (1988) - kickboxing champion Andy Bauman facing off against Lurch from The Addams Family in a lightning fast bout of kickfighting
  • 13Dolemite (1975) - boom mic that keeps making an appearance
  • 14Rambu: The Intruder (1986) - Rambu beating up some thugs with a gravity/physics-defying rubber ball
  • 15Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991) suggested bylv
  • 16The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - Jordan Belfort vs Donnie Azoff. suggested byArdimo Harsa Wardhana
  • 17Black Belt Jones (1974) - Climax features Jim Kelly wearing board-shorts and kicking ass at a car wash
  • 18Silent Assassin (1987) - impossible not to witness the showdown without laughing uncontrollably
  • 19Strike of the Panther (1989) suggested bylv
  • 20Kill Switch (2008) suggested bylv
  • 21The Ghost (2001) suggested bylv
  • 22Adisaya Piravi (1990) suggested bylv
  • 23Team America: World Police (2004)- Puppet Fight in Paris suggested byhyprmania52
  • 24Rambu: The Intruder suggested bylv
  • 25Bloodrayne (2005) suggested bybackup368
  • 26Kick-Ass (2010) - Kick-Ass vs. Red Mist suggested byCHEESY124 Ugorji

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