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Top 10 Horror Movie Franchises That Lost Their Touch

For this list, we aren't necessarily stating that these franchises are all-together generally ''bad''. Instead, these franchises have over time lost their original charm, relevancy, and/or uniquity that culturally made them horror mainstay phenomenons in the first place
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    1Insidious franchise
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  • 2Saw franchise
    From innovative independent film to reppetitive TV series
  • 3Final Destination franchise
    A total schlockfest
  • 4A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise
  • 5Scary Movie franchise
    It's first film poked fun of horror clichs and was entertaining, now it's sequels are just blatent cash grabs.
  • 6Scream franchise
  • 7Child's Play franchise
  • 8Predator franchise
  • 9Paranormal Activity franchise
  • 10The Ring franchise
  • 11The Amityville Horror franchise
  • 12Universal's Frankenstein series
  • 13Blair Witch franchise
  • 14Leprechaun franchise
  • 15Friday the 13th series
  • 16The Exorcist franchise
  • 17[REC] franchise
  • 18The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise
  • 19The Omen franchise
  • 20Hellraiser franchise
  • 21The Purge franchise
  • 22Psycho franchise
  • 23Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise
  • 24Poltergeist franchise
  • 25Fright Night franchise
  • 26George A. Romero's Of the Dead franchise
  • 27American Psycho franchise
  • 28Demonic Toys franchise
  • 29Ghoulies franchise
  • 30Critters franchise
  • 31Scanners franchise
  • 32The Howling franchise
  • 33Children of the Corn franchise
  • 34Halloween franchise
  • 35Black Christmas franchise
  • 36Tremors franchise
  • 37Wrong Turn suggested byDirector22
  • 38The Conjuring Franchise suggested bySai Bharath Saluru
    Disagree, the writing for these films has only gotten better
    I disagree too. It has some amazing sequels and still feels relatively fresh today

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