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Top 10 Innuendos in Kids' Movies

also part of: Top 10 Innuendos in Kids Movies
Kids and family films only, nothing only ment for the older audience, also, good films only, we do not want to remember the crappy ones
Visual inuendos should also be considered
half of these aren't innuendos
Fun, creativity, and message matter
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    1"I bet you weren't expecting this!" (Pulls up dress to reveal knife)- The Emperors New Groove suggested byScotty Arbour
    This one was so unexpected
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  • 2"Hey, cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?" - A Bug's Life suggested byHenners250
  • 3"There's a couple things they're bound to notice"- Mulan suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 4"Oh, Sugar Honey Iced Tea!" - Madagascar suggested byMrKlatez
    It's an anagram: "Oh, S.H.I.T."
    this is first, really? lame
    Have you heard of a website called WhatCulture?
    Really? Nah shit sherlock
    That isn't so much as an innuendo, more a swear word in a childrens film
  • 5"Well, if those are the teeth, and that's the tongue, then that must be the uvula!" "Oh, so it's a *girl* house" - Monster House suggested byMrKlatez
  • 6That is why I never got married, that and one other thing - how to train your dragon 2 suggested byduiker
    Very sneaky reveal
  • 7Hiccup: "Carecess helmet" - Stoick: It was half of her breast plate - Hiccup: "Moves hand away" (How to train your dragon) suggested bytehstrelok
    is this really an innuendo
  • 8"I'm getting pretty fond if you. Not that I want to start picking our curtains or anything."- Aladdin suggested byScotty Arbour
    To answer your question, picking out curtains is something that COUPLES do when they are living together. When the Genie says he is fond of Aladdin, he means as a FRIEND, not a lover.
    Does this really class as an innuendo?
    Right... I thought that quote was Aladdin talking to Jasmine :-S
  • 9Captain Amelia: Actually, doctor, your astronomical advise was most helpful - Doctor Doppler: Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Well, I have a lot to offer anatomically... amamomically... astronom suggested byRachel Isakowitz
  • 10Esmeralda (after Phoebus kicks Esmeralda to the floor, grabs his sword from her, and "apologizes" to her for it): You sneaky son of a... - Phoebus: Ah ah ah, watch it. You're in a church. (The Hunchba suggested byRachel Isakowitz
  • 11Timon: (trying to push Pumbaa's big butt out of the tree root) Why do I always have to save your (turns around, sees Nala aggressively approaching Timon and Pumbaa and screams)? - The Lion King suggested byRachel Isakowitz
  • 12Toothless being molested by another dragon - how to train your dragon 2 suggested bykamaoc
    Is it about that scene where a dragon shoves its snout right into toothless private parts and it looks like it is... you know?
    Yes it is ;)
  • 13"Nice booby trap" - Who Framed Roger Rabbit suggested byHenners250
    Was this a kid's movie?
    I do not think this is actually a kids movie, too mature
    This is NOT really a kids film
    Is it really considered a kids film?
    It's technically a kids movie...just not the most appropriate.
  • 14Take me! - how to train your dragon 2 suggested byduiker
    The way ruff says it is just so suggestive lel
    ( %u0361° %u035C%u0296 %u0361°)
  • 15Frollo: (to Phoebus, after becoming uncomfortable at seeing Esmeralda dance seductively) Look at that disgusting display. - Phoebus: (enthusiastically, thinking it's an "order" from Frollo) Yes sir! ( suggested byRachel Isakowitz
  • 16Patrick: "Did you see my underwear" Mindy: "No Patrick" Patrick: Did you want to?- The Spongebob Squarepants Movie suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 17What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight? - Toy Story suggested byAlix Youngblutt
  • 18"It's your *MOM* dude!" - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure suggested byHenners250
  • 19"Just the pussy I've been lookin' for!" - Batman Returns suggested byHenners250
    uh, I do not think this was meant exactly for kids
    That is not a kids movie at all!
  • 20"Dirty Hoe!"- The Cat in the Hat suggested byScotty Arbour
    This movie is shit, so it does not count
    When you hear it in the movie It sounds like he was making an obvious pun.
  • 21"Is that a rabbit in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"- Who Framed Roger Rabit? suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 22"How did you know she was a Nazi?"-"She talks in her sleep" -Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade suggested byHenners250
    This film has gore and violence, so definetly not for children
    is not
    not a children's movie
    Maybe not 'Kid's' but its definitely a family film
    + 1 comment(s)
  • 23Mrs. Packard: (walking to her tent while wearing a trench coat but no PJs underneath) I sleep in the nude! - Dr. Sweet (throws Milo a sleeping mask): You better put these on. She sleepwalks. (Atlantis suggested byRachel Isakowitz
  • 24"Size doesn't matter" - Frozen suggested byTitanic07
  • 25"Who did this?" Uncle Frank and Aunt Jack "Ohhhhh" - Mrs. Doubtfire suggested byHenners250
  • 26Spongebob: careful, don't drop them (Hands soap to Gary) - Spongebob SquarePants suggested byJK193765
    Not a movie...
    Not a movie. Doesn't qualify
  • 27The hooker- Toy Story suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 28Makeout Reef.... Good times, good times - Squidward Tentacles suggested byJK193765
    Not a movie...
    Not a movie. Doesn't count
  • 29"Keep of the Grass, Wipe your shoes, wash your....Face" - Shrek suggested byJedimperial96
    its wash your shoes, wipe your...face, my bad
  • 30It was half of her breast plate - how to train your dragon suggested byduiker
  • 31Lord Farquad hides his erection while watching Fiona- Shrek suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 32"You married Elastigirl? (sees children) And got BUSY!!!" -The Incredibles suggested byIsaiah Paige
  • 33(Donkey removes blanket to get Shrek up from the bed) "Aaaah! You know, you've really got to get yourself a pair of jammies!" - Shrek the Third suggested byAngel21
  • 34''Doesn't designing wedding dresses ever make you think about getting married again, or at least make you think about the f word ?"-"The f word ?!"-"My father"-"Oh, that f word" (The Parent Trap) suggested byMaddame Kehr
  • 35"Are you a male or female? How can you tell? Oh, that's how." - Ant Bully suggested byAngel21
  • 36HOLY CRAB! - Ice Age 4 suggested bymjgillespie91
  • 37"We desire children"..."It may take me a couple tries but won't be a problem"- Hocus Pocus suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 38type the quote please suggested byMadisonCorrine
  • 39Dragons mouth isn't shown on screen. Donkey: That's my tail. That's my own personal tail. You gonna tear it off"- Shrek suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 40Alpha and Omega- Repopulate suggested bySmuglyOtaku
  • 41"Turn your head and cough"- Shrek suggested byScotty Arbour
  • 42It was half of he breast plate - how to train your dragon suggested byduiker
    oh, I wrote it wrong
  • 43Alpha and Omega full movie suggested bySmuglyOtaku
    type the quote please

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