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Top 10 Insane Things Horror Movies Just Glossed Over

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    1People Probably Still Committed Crimes Outside Of The Purge
    And not everybody is just going to stop just because the alarms went off to stop
    Like selling drugs, stealing money, or buying illegal weapons

  • 2How Much Money Kramer And The Others Probably Had To Spend On Property And Materials And Yet The Police Never Noticed - Saw Franchise
    Kramer took advantage of Home Depot sales and saved big money at Menards lmao
    Buying property should have caused suspicion
    Like Buying Guns, Acid, Blades, And Property

  • 3People Still Not Believing The Protagonist About What's Going On Despite All The Evidence And Previous Events If The Movie Is A Sequel

  • 4The Town Being Nearly Empty - It Chapter 2

  • 5So Did Jason Come Back From Dead Or Did He Survive Drowning And His Mother Didn't Know He Was Alive - Friday The 13th Franchise

  • 6Characters Who Are Supposed To Be Normal Humans Being Able To Cut Off Limbs With No Problems

  • 7Kramer Despises Murderers Yet Some Of His Tests Require Someone To Kill Someone Else - Saw Franchise
    Also, some traps require a test subject to choose who they want to kill, especially in Saw VI, where the purpose of his game was to teach him a lesson about his amoral health policy even though John Kramer still hates killing just for the sake of killing

  • 8So The Company Who Rebuild Chucky Never Notice The Doll Has Organs - Child's Play Franchise
    And bride and seed of Chucky Introduced the fact that he can get a penis
    And they generally seem to ignore that the doll has blood in it

  • 9How Are They Going To Explain This To The Police Who Might Assume The Protagonist Killed Everybody - Various Horror Movies

  • 10So Heather Is Okay With The Fact That Leatherface Killed Her Friends Just Because They Are Cousins - Texas Chainsaw 3D

  • 11If Chucky Becomes More Human The Longer His In The Doll Than How Does He Survive So Much Punishment- Child's Play Franchise
    For Example He Survives Decapitation, Blood Loss, Burning, Yet You Can Kill Him Just By Shooting Him In The Heart

  • 12Marie Being Strong Enough To Commit The Murders For A Small Woman - High Tension

  • 13The Killer Especially Jason From Friday The 13th Being Able To Catch Their Victims Despite Never Running After Them

  • 14The powerline that the shark bit into could have caused a blackout for some people - Jaws 2 suggested byDirector22

  • 15Captain Taylor Could Have Just Called The Coast Guard in the First Place - 47 Meters Down suggested byRazorRex

  • 16Leatherface Being Able To Fit A Chainsaw In The Backseat With Him And Turn It On Despite His Size - Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning

  • 17How did Michael Myers know how to drive the vehicle he stole from Dr. Loomis and Nurse Marion after escaping the sanitarium if he was maintained by professionals as a kid - Halloween (1978) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 18Police Being Able To Find A Logical Explaination For All Of Freddy's Murders- Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise
    For Example How Do They Explain Victims Literally Getting Killed By Their Beds Such As Gallons Of Blood Coming Out Of One And Drowning In A Water Bed

  • 19If the demon is smart enough to attack the camera at the end, then why didn%u2019t did destroy the tapes? - Paranormal Activity (2007) suggested bymac121mr0

  • 20So If Duddits Was An Alien The Whole Time Then Why Was He Sick And Even Allowed Kids To Bully Him Even The Question Of If He Is Adopted- Dreamcatcher

  • 21The Puppets Finding A New Owner Despite What Happens In A Previous Movie- Puppet Master Franchise

  • 22Jigsaw Tormenting People to Appreciate Life May End Up Doing the Exact Opposite - Saw series suggested byRazorRex
    Kramer also mentioned how people actually learn to genuinely appreciate the value of life they have been gifted from birth when they are placed in the face of death, so he wants to teach the ones who inflict pain or kill without remorse a lesson. Unlike Jigsaw, he only technically killed people if the bad people being tested failed their own game.
    Well they have to learn the hard way or they will never change cathartically like Ananda Young said it transformed her

  • 23The Shark has a Whale Carcass All To Itself Why is going after smaller meat - The Shallows suggested byRazorRex
    Probably because it was frasher and the the carcass had rotted

  • 24So Ghosts Know How To Use A Computer When They Died In The 30s - House On Haunted Hill (1999)

  • 25How did the shark kill the dog without it attracting any attention - Jaws suggested byDirector22

  • 26How Brandon was able to sneak into buildings without breaking any of the doors or walls - Brightburn suggested byDirector22
    He's based on Superman, but that's more of a Batman

  • 27Time Travel Would Actually Make It That He Had The Stigmata Scars The Whole Time He Was In Prison - The Butterfly Effect

  • 28How could Ghostface excape an entire theature room full of people - Scream 2 suggested byDirector22
    Based on what I remember it was because everybody had ghostface masks on

  • 29When Patrick Bateman stomped at the dog to the death, did it die right away, or did it take a while for it succumbs to its injuries - American Psycho (2000) suggested byLeonardo Klotz

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