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Top 10 Lightsaber Battles in Star Wars

also part of: Top 10 Lightsaber Duels
All 6 films and The Clone Wars
they will end up doing a redux when the new movies come out probably
Movies and visual expanded unverse sources (comics, games etc.)
Best Star Wars movies 1) Empire strikes back 2) a new hope 3) revenge of the Sith 4) return of the Jedi 5)attack of the clones. 6) the phantom menace
include star wars rebels
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    1Obi-one vs Anakin - Revenge of the sith
    The prequel duels clearly outshines the original trilogy.
    Seriously... All the battles from the prequels are awful. Just swinging these lightsabers, not even trying to hit each other. You upvoters have apparently never fighted with a real sword...
    Best moment in Episode 3, but that's not saying much.
    obi-one is spellt wrong but defentily the best
    The most boring fight ofteh bunch. The problem with the prequel battles is that there are no undertones or symbolism. People think fast and fancy make a poweful fight, but Luke vs Darth vader in Empires is way more powerful
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  • 2Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker the empire strikes back
    Very Iconic, better than the first movie's duel. And then we get one of the biggest plot twists in film history.
    Even though the original trio is superior, the duels are nothing compared to the duels in the prequels.
    The best lightsaber duel but not my favorite duel
    Luke I am your father
    The pacing, emotion and power behind this fight is what makes it so strong. A classic.
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  • 3Qui-gon and Obi-one vs Darth Maul - The phantom menace
    "Lightsaber duels has less to do with the fighting and more so the internalisation of the character" so this duel should be really low on the list
    Although the fight istelf had no depth or meaning underlying it and looked rehearsed, it was the first time we saw two against one and it was just fun to watch
    "3 guys we don't know anything about is fighting each other for some reason. We need a deeper meaning to things without is none of it really matters does it?"
    Was pretty good but nothing compared to Luke vs Vader.
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  • 4Luke vs Vader - Return of the jedi
    This duel had the most emotion behind it
    Culminates in the death of the Emperor. That's pretty significant.
    Again, the saber fights in the original trilogy weren't so much about dazzling you with incedible swordplay. The emotion and what the fights symbolized gave more weight to them than any of the fights in the prequels.
    my personal favorite duel
    This duel had alot going on besides the fact that they are swinging swords at each other. Luke was realizing he was becoming more like his father etc
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  • 5Yoda vs The emperor - Revenge of the sith
    so dissapointing. If you're going to have the epitome of good and evil battling each other, the fight should have been deeper.
    This one was too laden with CGI, wheras the others were way more organic.
    It's pretty silly.
    Definitely too much frogger action. It's literally a waste of energy. And unlike Dooku, it didn't phase Palpy at all. Time to switch styles.
    Two of the best light saber wielders in the world fight like badasses.
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  • 6Yoda vs Count Dooku - Attack of the clones
    Dooku isn't a throwaway villain, he has a purpose in the clone wars
    This is awful. Yoda's big moment with a lightsaber should have been with the emperor, not some throwaway villain
    Yoda owns Dooku more in the Comics adaptation. Still awesomee.
    Yoda. Kicking. Ass.
    Yoda is awesome!
  • 7Obi-one vs General Griveous - Revenge of the sith
    This is perhaps the tupidest duel in the entire PT.
    The part where grievous pulls out his lightsabers and walks towards obi wan spinning his sabers
    No that one sucked
    Greivous POSTURES is what I meant. windmills turning etc.
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  • 8Ben Kenobi vs Darth Vader - A new hope
    Outside of it inspiring Luke and Obi-Wan eventually being revealed in his ghost form, this one was pretty underwhelming.
    This duel is awful. The action sucks, the meaning is muted, and it ends in one of the biggest plot holes in film.
    Gertiol and WD40 in use.
    The first lightsaber duel in a Star Wars movie. That must make it significant... even if it's not as action-packed as the others.
    hey darth remember when we did flips kicks jumps over all that lava? Darth vader: ...... Obi-Wan: we have got so old
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  • 9Mace Windu vs Palpatine - Revenge of the sith
    Geritol and Glucosamine in use.
    A good fight put up by Samuel L Jackson being the only guy with a purple lightsaber
    Samuel l. jackson at a low. Nuff said.
    only mace windu lightsaber duel
    Mace Windu's crowning moment!
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  • 10Darth Sidious vs. Savage Opress & Darth Maule (Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 ep.16) suggested bykenn1987
    best lightsaber fight of the clone wars (and there were a lot)!
    How is this not higher on the list????
    When Emperor Palpatine finally does something himself for once, he does not disappoint at all
    Double bladed emperor owns them. He makes the Sith brothers look like the Mario brothers.
    This TV show doesn't get the love it deserves. There should be so many more lightsabre duels from this TV show on this list!
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  • 11Luke vs Darth Vader in Cloud City (Empire Strikes Back) suggested bykenn1987
    "I am your father" best line in cinema ever
    Sparked a funny CinemaSins aftermath sound for Transformers 3 and a classic line. Put it on the list with we're gonna need a bigger boat, I would but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn and its illogical.
    Yes everybody knows that line
  • 12Anakin and Obi-one vs Count Dooku - Revenge of the sith
    Marred by plot conveniences.
    I like the prelude. Masters taking off their robes like they are sitting down for tea or weight lifiting. The novelization of this fight by Matthew Stover really draws you in to the fray!
    First time Jar'Kai (two lightsabers) in a movie. That's enough to make it in the top ten.
  • 13Obi Wan Kenobi & Asajj Ventress vs. Darth Maul & Savage Opress (Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 4 ep.22) suggested bykenn1987
    Very nice. Obi and Asajj become instant allies, barely escaping the tatooed horny toads.
  • 14Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi/Darth Maul - Episode I suggested bykenn1987
    Even though Phantom Menace wasn't a very good film, this was one of the two highlights from the film. The other being the pod racing.
  • 15Darth Maul vs. Pre Vizsia (Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 ep.15) suggested bykenn1987
    best pre viszla duel
  • 16Asajj Ventress & 2 Nightsisters vs. Count Dooku (Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 3 ep.12) suggested bykenn1987
  • 17Satele Shan vs. Darth Malgus suggested bykenn1987
    She absorbs the energy fron Malgus' blade at one point too
    At one point Satele backflips forwards, pure awesomeness
  • 18Kao Cen Darach & Satele Shan vs. Vindican & Darth Malgus suggested bykenn1987
    Very spectacular. Neither master survives.
    Just saw it. Pretty badass
    In the Star Wars universe its the first lightsaber duel in 300 years, and its dazzling
  • 19Grievous vs. 5 jedi - Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) suggested byLordJeffries
    Way too overlooked
    Possibly the best Grievous moment in all Star Wars
  • 20Anakin vs Barriss Offee (Star Wars: the Clone Wars season 5 ep. 20) suggested bycof1sro
  • 21Ahsoka vs Grievous (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 ep. 9) suggested bycof1sro
    Ahsoka escaped and she has become quite powerful but if the fight had continued then General Grievous would've probably one eventually...
    No, Grievous should have destroyed her if the show was faithful to the EU
  • 22Obi-Wan & Anakin vs Savage Oppress vs Asajj Ventress vs Count Dooku suggested bySketch
  • 23Revan vs. Darth Malak - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic suggested byLordJeffries
    Extremely annoying to actually play, but the idea behind this duel is pretty neat... and kinda different.
  • 24Starkiller vs Darth Vader (The Force Unleashed II) suggested byRC1138BOSS
  • 25Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Pre Viszla- TCW suggested byArider56107
  • 26Darth Maul &Savage Oppress vs Obi-wan Kenobi & Adi- Galla (season 5 ep 1) suggested byRC1138BOSS
  • 27General Grievous vs Asajj Ventress suggested byDirector22
  • 28Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Count Dooku - Revenge of the Sith suggested byDavid Julian
  • 29Kit Fisto vs General Grievous suggested byDirector22
  • 30Battle of Korriban - multiple duels (Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy) suggested byTime Signature
    Yeah, but it's the backdrop of a massive lightsaber battle that makes those duels so cool.
    Let's narrow it down to Jaden vs. Tavion.... or the darkside ending, Jaden vs. Kyle
    Fun to play!
  • 31Luke Skywalker vs. Lady Lumyia (Marvel Star Wars 96) suggested byTime Signature
    Cynthia Martin's visual rendering of action and movement is extremely well done and fluid. One of the most artistically compelling moments of the otherwise kitschy classic Marvel Star Wars comics.
  • 32Ashoka Tano vs Barriss Offee suggested byPyrowombat
  • 33Kanan vs. The Inquisitor (Star Wars Rebels) suggested byRyan Lemenager
  • 34Yoda and Anikan vs Count Dooku and Darth Sidious suggested byDirector22
  • 35Grievous Captures Palpatine (Clone Wars 2003-2005 Micro Series) suggested byTVJUNK85
  • 36Qel Droma brothers' duel (Tales of the Jedi: The Sith Wars 5) suggested byTime Signature
    Probably one of the most touching moments in the otherwise flawed TOJ comics.
  • 37Duel On Tython - Darth Bane: Rule of Two suggested byLordJeffries
  • 38Darth Malgus vs. Ven Zallow - Star Wars: The Old Republic: "Decieved" Cinematic suggested byLordJeffries
    Sweet, also chronicled in the Decieved novel by Paul S Kemp
  • 39Kyle Katarn vs. Jerec (Dark Forces: Jedi Knight / Dark Forces novellas) suggested byTime Signature
  • 40Kyle Katarn vs. Sariss (Dark Forces: Jedi Knight / Dark Forces novellas) suggested byTime Signature
  • 41The Geonosian Arena Jedi Vs. Battle Droid Battle (Episode II) suggested byJacob Samaro
  • 42Kylo ren vs Finn suggested byjakeboss21
  • 43Jaina Solo vs. Darth Caedus (from the novel Invincible) suggested byJason Duran
  • 44Nahdar Vebb vs General Grievous suggested byDirector22
  • 45Obi-Wan Kenobi vs, General Greivous %u2013 Revenge of the Sith suggested byPhilip Folta
  • 46Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Count Dooku %u2013 Attack of the Clones suggested byPhilip Folta
  • 47Mace Windu vs. Darth Sidious %u2013 Revenge of the Sith suggested byPhilip Folta
  • 48Count Dooku V.S Asajj Ventress V.S Savage Opress suggested byMatt Thornton
  • 49exar kunn vs multiple jedi suggested byEric Bédard
  • 50Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader %u2013 Star Wars suggested byPhilip Folta
  • 51Yoda vs. Saruman suggested byRamon Paolo Alfar
  • 52General Grievous vs. Roron Corobb and Foul Moudama - Star Wars: Clone Wars suggested byPaul Robinson
  • 53Darth Maul suggested byDirector22

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