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Top 10 Marvel Deaths That Still Hurt

Do they have to STAY dead?
  • 1Tony Stark/Iron Man- Avengers: Endgame suggested byJacob Koopmann
    Iron Man has been a part of my life for the past 11 years, and is easily my favorite Superhero of all time. So seeing him die was really hard to deal with... and still is.
    aw crap i was gonna put iron man
    (Continuing from issues) he is the reason the avengers were even put together. He is tue mastermind behind most of the equipment of the marvel avengers. And he knew he would die when he had those five stones in his armour ready to snap and so he decided to do it so he could save the entire universe.
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  • 2Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - Avengers: Endgame suggested byAlton007
    It hurt to see her go. We saw her suffering for 5 years, trying to get back what everyone lost, feeling like she failed. I personally thought Ronin was going to go Because of what he had become, it was a sort of redemption, i didn't expect black widow to die. She doesn't get to see the win, she died for the greater good. And most importantly, the A
    She was my favorite fe.ale character ever for a while and she still was one of my favorites and when she was falling so was my emotional spectrum. I couldnt handle it for a moment.

  • 3Yondu - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 suggested byThomas Bates
    I dont know if i ever saw aw yondus death but im crying hearing about it. He reminded me of some people i know and him dying hurys alot.
    Yondu was the perfect signification of a loving stepfather, some kids need that to realize that their stepfather cares about them.

  • 4Gamora - Avengers: Infinity War suggested byAlton007
    God it was bad for me when my favorite guardians of the galaxy character bit the dust.
    How could you not be sad about Gamora's death!? This gets even sadder because Thanos killed his own daughter

  • 5Logan - Logan suggested byThomas Bates
    Logan watched a lot of his friends die, so at this point he figures he doesn't really deserve to live much longer.Jackman did a terrific job of focusing on what mattered the most: the character at hand.
    I dont think they should even ever make another movie about x men or logan not because i didnt like it but because no one and i mean NO ONE will EVER EVER play the role of logan as good as hugh jackman did and his dearh made me cry longer than any other death in fiction or in my life.
    It was undoubtedly the most affecting death in a comic book movie ever. It felt final %u2014 and comes 17 years after audiences first saw Jackman in the role
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  • 6Professor X - Logan suggested byThomas Bates
    The way he died was unexpected and ironic and it caught many fans off guard.

  • 7Vision - Avengers: Infinity War suggested byAlton007
    This death was bound to happen as implied in the trailers
    He didnt need to die like that honestly and he wont get ti come back as far as i know and that fact alone hurts me.

  • 8Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - Avengers: Age of Ultron suggested byAlton007
    Yes. Oh, this sexy speedster needs justice!
    From the very beginning Quicksilver has always been a fun charter witch is something you see in every day hero witch is why his death was very up setting even if he alive in x-men its still sad to know that he die being a hero in the end.

  • 9Peter Parker/Spider-Man- Avengers: Infinity War suggested byJacob Koopmann
    No because he was brought back to life in endgame. Plus people knew that he was going to be back for a spider man sequel
    Spider Man is still alive and he had been brought back through the infinity stones. His decimation should no longer still hurt and because he is now back and fine, he does not count on this list. Why are people still giving this up votes?
    Loki Avengers Infinity War
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  • 10Gwen Stacey suggested byJacob Koopmann
    Her death made many fans rage quit

  • 11Ancient One - Doctor Strange suggested byAlton007 Make Your Case
  • 12Frigga - Thor: The Dark World suggested byAlton007 Make Your Case
  • 13Scott Summers/Cyclops - X-Men: The Last Stand suggested byAlton007
    His death made a lot of fans rage quit

  • 14Loki - Avengers: Infinity War suggested byBluestarflare Make Your Case
  • 15Stan Lee - Marvel Cinematic Universe suggested bymac121mr0
    No real life examples please

  • 16Yenson - Iron Man suggested byThe321weezy
    You mean *Ho Yinsen* not *Yenson*

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