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Top 10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are More Powerful Than You Realize

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    1Scarlet Witch

  • 2Jean Grey suggested byCineking2

  • 3Silver Surfer
    But not everyone reads comics, most people know him from the FF movie
    We already knew he had the Power Cosmic.

  • 4Invisible Woman
    The most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, took down a Celestial all by herself

  • 5Storm

  • 6Deadpool

  • 7Sentry

  • 8Spider-Man

  • 9Squirrel Girl suggested byCineking2

  • 10Magneto suggested byShanti McCormack

  • 11Thor
    He isn't nearly as powerful in the movies than he is in the comics

  • 12hulk suggested byhulkfan

  • 13Captain Marvel suggested byEric Silver
    Which one?!? There have been a few...

  • 14Franklin Richards suggested bylv

  • 15Impossible Man suggested bylv

  • 16Emma Frost suggested byJim Gorr

  • 17Doctor Strange

  • 18Spider-Man 2099 suggested byJim Gorr

  • 19Wolverine suggested bySam Abbott III

  • 20Major Astro of the Guardians of the Galaxy suggested byJim Gorr

  • 21Captain Britain

  • 22howard the duck suggested byMando Line
    can feel an interdimension perturbation

  • 23Cyclops suggested byJamar Lewis

  • 24Daredevil

  • 25Firestar suggested byJim Gorr

  • 26Runner suggested bylv

  • 27Beyonder suggested bylv

  • 28Ego suggested bylv

  • 29The watcher suggested bylv

  • 30In-Betweener suggested bylv

  • 31Kallark suggested bylv

  • 32Magus suggested bylv

  • 33Master Hate suggested bylv

  • 34Kronos suggested bylv

  • 35Infinity suggested bylv

  • 36Morg suggested bylv

  • 37Iceman suggested byJamar Lewis

  • 38Professor X suggested byJamar Lewis

  • 39Jubilee suggested byJamar Lewis

  • 40Cable suggested byJamar Lewis

  • 41Iron Fist suggested byJamar Lewis

  • 42Black Panther suggested byMegalon73

  • 43Thanos suggested bylv

  • 44Apocalypse suggested bylv
    He is a supervillain

  • 45Phoenix Force (not Jean Grey) suggested bylv

  • 46DORMAMMU suggested bylv

  • 47Galactus suggested bylv
    Not a superhero

  • 48One Above All suggested bylv
    SUPERHEROES. Not cosmic deities/entities.

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